What's New in Workplace? November 2021

All the latest Workplace product announcements and feature releases.

This month we’re excited to share a handful of updates that will help your organization expand your use of Knowledge Library and manage group membership. Plus we are making it easier to add people to Workplace. Read on for more details.
Automatic group membership

Manage group members with automatic group membership

Automatic group membership makes managing large groups easier than ever. It allows group admins to set rules to automatically add relevant people to their group based on profile information like location, department, role and more. Once rules are created and applied, anyone who meets the criteria defined will be added to the group.
We've made automatic group membership more reliable and flexible by adding these features:
  • Auto-remove: people whose profile information changes and no longer matches the criteria defined in your auto group membership rules will be automatically removed.
  • Batch-remove: group admins can view who doesn’t match the group membership criteria and select who should be removed. Once a member is removed, they receive a notification.
  • Preview: Before the new rules are applied or updated, group admins will be shown how many people will be added or removed to the membership list.
  • Manage rule exceptions: Allows group admins to add people who don't match the criteria set in your auto group membership lists by adding their names manually.
To learn more about automatic group membership, check out this PDF admin guide. For step-by-step instructions on how to set automatic membership rules for your group, visit the Help Center. For more information on how to manage groups as a group admin, visit the Group Admin Guide.

Automatic group membership needs to be enabled for your Workplace by a system admin. Before enabling automatic group membership, system admins should make sure profile fields are filled out for Workplace community members. Automatic group membership relies on profile information (profile fields) like location, department, division and more. Learn more about profile fields in the System Admin Guide. To find out how to enable automatic group membership in your Workplace, visit the Workplace Help Center.

Draft and unpublish content in Knowledge Library

Draft and unpublish content in Knowledge Library

Creating official content often takes many eyes and many rounds of edits. We are making this easier to do within Knowledge Library. You can now unpublish pages or create a draft version of a published page. This allows you to create and work on updates to live content before publishing.
Easier organization in Knowledge Library

Easier organization in Knowledge Library

Over time, we are also seeing customers build out robust Knowledge Libraries that require deeper navigation. So we’ve added the ability to create deeper levels of subcategories. You can now have up to five levels of content. You can also move a subcategory to another top level category. This allows you to curate and organize content more easily across Knowledge Library.
Find resources to help you plan, build and deploy your Knowledge Library in the Knowledge Library Resource Hub.
Join Workplace with mobile number invites

Join Workplace with mobile number invites

We know not everyone works from a desktop computer and have always focused on ensuring we offer a strong mobile experience. We are now extending that to Workplace invites. Admins can now create accounts using employee mobile numbers and invite them by text message from Workplace on desktop.
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