Live Video

Live video is the most authentic way to communicate news and announcements to your team or company.

Go live from anywhere

Anybody can go live from a mobile phone or Portal. It’s the perfect way to check in with your team, especially when you can’t be together in person. And unlike email, you can get feedback or answer questions in real time through comments, Likes and Reactions.

Transform your town hall meetings

Need a reliable way to talk to your entire company? Live Producer lets you create high-quality live events straight from your computer, with features like screensharing, Q&As and livestream metrics.

Making company communications more inclusive

Our upgraded caption technology will remove both language and accessibility barriers for company communications, while saving you time and money in the process.

Live Video Captions

Turn on automatic captions for your Live video broadcasts so people can follow along even if they’re watching with sound off or have a hearing impairment.

Caption Translations

Save time by automatically translating English video captions into French, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese (or vice-versa).

Caption Editing

Ensure automatic captions are accurate or add specific company terminology with our caption editing tool.

Live on Portal

Download the Workplace Live app for Portal to use Smart Sound and Smart Camera whether you’re going Live yourself or watching others.