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Workplace Premium has everything you need for less than you think. And there are no long-term contracts. Workplace Premium is free for registered non-profits and staff of educational institutions. Visit Workplace for Good to learn more.

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Taking care of business

Over 30,000 global organizations large and small connect their teams with Workplace. Now it's your turn.

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Launching: Safety Check for Workplace

Launching: Safety Check for Workplace

Our goal at Workplace is to build meaningful communities in the work environment. That's never more important than in moments of crisis. With Safety Check for Workplace, organizations can find, contact, and help their people faster than ever before.

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Instant communication,
anytime, anywhere

Break the email chain with instant messaging and crystal clear video calls for 1:1 or group conversations across desktop and mobile. Connect everybody from the boardroom to remote workers.

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Collaborate on projects

Groups are private spaces to discuss projects, manage information, share documents and work together. Create as many as you like, invite the people you need (from your own team or other organizations) and get to work.

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The information you need.
And nothing more

News Feed uses cutting-edge AI to show you posts from the people and projects you care about so you can keep on top of business-critical updates while filtering out the rest. In turn, it'll make sure your posts get seen by the right people at the right time.

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Powerful integrations with
your favorite tools

Workplace is already the place for teams to connect and collaborate. Now get even more productive with integrations. Connect to the apps and services you already use to store information, develop your people and get things done.

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Connect more of the
tools you love

Workplace connects to the apps you already use. So whether you need to find files (Box), work together (Office 365, Quip) or track issues (Jira), you can get it all done in one place. Check out the Integration Directory to find a new superpower for your business.


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