New Workplace Product Plans

Today we’re announcing new Workplace plans: Workplace Essential, Advanced, Enterprise, and a Frontline add-on. These plans will help organizations to connect frontline workers with the rest of the business, predict costs, and choose the tools they need.


The way we communicate is changing. People expect to connect easily, to share and collaborate openly, to use mobile phones to communicate with anyone, anywhere. And now they expect the same at work.

So we launched Workplace in 2016 to give the world a place to work together. To build solutions that not only enable these changes, but give organizations the tools they need to bring everyone closer, make teamwork faster, and build a stronger company culture.

Untangle work with Workplace

From informing everyone about the return to the office to adopting a hybrid way of working, Workplace makes work more simple.

Today we’re proud to serve more than 2 million paid users in organizations big and small. Global brands like Walmart, Nestlé, and Telefonica. Fast-growing start-ups like Farfetch, Spotify, and Grab. Not for profit organizations like WWF, United Way, and Save the Children. They are all using Workplace to transform how they communicate, collaborate, and get work done.

Over the last 3 years, we’ve been constantly innovating and have launched more than 100 new features. Tools like Group Video Chat for faster teamwork, rich Live Video for transforming internal communications, Multi-Company Groups to make working with other companies simple, rich integrations with best of breed IT tools, and Safety Check for managing crisis response. And we’ve built these tools using the power of machine learning, on a secure, enterprise-ready platform with protection from viruses, malware, and compromised passwords.

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The value of connecting everyone using Workplace

The value of connecting everyone using Workplace

Customers are realizing the value Workplace brings. Forrester Consulting recently conducted a Total Economic Impact (TEI) study of Workplace. They found organizations can see an ROI of 398% using Workplace.1 They also report that Workplace customers can realize an average 10% increase in revenue per customer because employees have faster access to product knowledge and can easily share tips and best practices. And they say Workplace connects frontline workers with senior management by making it 21% quicker for people to give and respond to feedback.

“Workplace has really helped us be more inclusive and collaborative and connect people around the world – across all time zones and in their own languages – in ways that we didn’t before. It’s an enabler that helps us build the momentum.”

See more Workplace customer success stories here.

New Workplace plans and pricing

New Workplace plans and pricing

Today we’re excited to announce 3 new plans for Workplace, plus an add-on plan for the frontline workforce. The plans will help organizations choose the product features they want and need for their employees.

Workplace Essential will be rolled out next year and will contain all the communication and collaboration features a team needs, like Workplace Chat, Video Chat, and groups, to help teams work better together. It will be free to use, giving everyone in the world the power to communicate using modern tools.

Workplace Advanced is designed to create a truly connected company, with all the familiar Workplace features, plus advanced admin controls. Workplace Advanced will cost $4 per person, per month.

Workplace Enterprise is for organizations that operate with greater levels of complexity, due to their size or industry, and need a higher level of support. It includes all the features in Advanced plan, plus a 4-hour initial support response time SLA, priority support resolution and early access to new features. Workplace Enterprise will cost $8 per person, per month.

The Workplace Frontline add-on is available in Workplace Advanced and Enterprise to make it easier to connect frontline workers, a key part of the workforce who often feel disconnected from their business. It also includes conditional access controls so admins can manage employee access outside of working hours. The Frontline add-on will cost $1.50 per person, per month.

We've heard your feedback that it’s important to predict how much Workplace will cost. So Workplace Advanced and Enterprise will be charged per person, per month2, instead of per monthly active users.3

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Timeline for the new plans

Timeline for the new plans

Both Workplace Advanced and Enterprise will be available globally for new customers from 2nd September 2019 and will replace Premium. On 22nd July 2019, we’ll begin an early rollout of Workplace Advanced and Enterprise in some Asia Pacific countries.4 We’ll roll out Workplace Essential next year.

Existing Workplace Premium customers will be migrated to Advanced on 2nd September 2019 and will continue to benefit from the same features in Workplace Premium. The new list prices will come into effect on 1st October 2020. Existing Workplace Standard customers will be migrated to Essential once it rolls out next year.

Existing customers will receive an email about what these changes mean for their community from Workplace or their Workplace Partner.

For more information, see the FAQs.

Building the future of work together

Building the future of work together

This is just the next step on our journey to give the world a place to work together. We’ll continue to develop and refine Workplace in partnership with our customers. And we’ll continue to innovate and build features that make work even faster, bring people even closer, and make company culture even stronger.

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