This month we focused heavily on making it easier to find information and people on Workplace through features like Topics, new notifications controls, and redesigned search filters.

Untangle work with Workplace

From informing everyone about the return to the office to adopting a hybrid way of working, Workplace makes work more simple.

For admins, we also made it super simple to transition your email distribution lists to groups so it's easier to discover useful groups when moving from email to Workplace. Plus our Workplace redesign is now available to everyone! Here are all the details.

Organize your posts and discover content with Topics 🧩

Organize your posts and discover content with Topics 🧩

Imagine being able to label all “on-boarding” materials for new joiners in your team or quickly finding every post related to the “Pulse” survey results in a group. Now you can with topics! Browse posts more efficiently, discover useful content fast, and organize your group’s discussion more easily. Topics is rolling out now.

Getting started with topics is easy. When writing a post in a group, you’ll be able to select up to five topics to describe the post. You can either choose existing topics or create new ones. You can then consult the group’s topics on the right-hand column and click to find the relevant content for you.

Group admins are able to:

  • Turn topics on/off within the group and select whether users can create new topics (from the Group Settings page)
  • Pin topics to the top of the Topics section of the group (on the right-hand column)
  • Edit or delete topics that you add to posts in the group

Learn more at our Help Center.

Granular control of Workplace notifications 🎶

Granular control of Workplace notifications 🎶

You asked, we listened! You can now manage all your Workplace notifications from Groups, tags, Workplace Chat with granular controls in one place. We simplified our user interface to help you more easily manage your notifications.

You can access these controls by going to your Settings page and selecting the Notifications tab. There are seven categories of Notifications that you can set up separately, changing Onsite, Push and Email Preferences. You can also adjust your settings for each individual group in one place! Check out the blog post and Help Center to learn more.

Removing a chat message for everyone ⛔

Removing a chat message for everyone ⛔

Mistakes can happen when you’re moving fast on chat. You can ping the wrong chat group or decide you’d like to rephrase a sentence. You can also want to remove a post completely. So we’ve added the ability for a sender to remove a message for everyone in a chat within 10 minutes of sending it.

In order to ensure this feature is not misused, we’ll indicate that a message has been removed and people can still report the message. The ability to remove a message for all chat members will be launching in the coming days.

To remove a message, simply hold down or hover on a message and tap “More” > “Remove”. You’ll have the option to remove the message for everyone in the chat or for just you. Make your selection and confirm.

Find what you need faster, with improved search filters 🧐

Find what you need faster, with improved search filters 🧐

We’re also rolling out new search filters to make finding what you need faster and easier. Search filters are now more granular, so you can search by date ranges, posts you’ve seen, type of group where the information lives, and much more.

Simply go to the Search bar on Workplace and enter your search keywords. Once you press enter (or go to “See all results for...”), you’ll see what we're talking about!

Create multiple groups from your email distribution lists 💻

Create multiple groups from your email distribution lists 💻

One of the many ways to use groups is to replace email distributions lists. Conversations transition from multiple disconnected email chains to a streamlined feed with limitless file, photo, and video sharing - and a lot more personality (reactions, gifs, comments, and more).

You can now easily create Groups in bulk from your email distribution lists in Microsoft Azure and G Suite. Additionally, auto-sync group membership is now enabled between your IDP and Workplace so you can automatically add people to the right groups when they join Workplace. Take a look at our Help Center to learn more.

And last but not least... the new Workplace experience!

And last but not least... the new Workplace experience!

On June 5th, we opened up access to the new Workplace experience for everyone. If you have questions or feedback, please contact our Support team for quick assistance. Thank you for your ongoing feedback and partnership in this exciting new stage.

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