How to Build Your Knowledge Library

Create a central space for all key company resources.

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Centralize key company information and give employees personalized access to the resources they need with Knowledge Library.

Knowledge Library allows you to build custom pages in Workplace to house resources, such as:

  • Benefits, expenses, PTO, travel policies
  • Employee handbooks and onboarding materials
  • Company mission and values, diversity and inclusion resources, brand guidelines and annual and quarterly goals

The best part is - it’s fully integrated with the rest of your Workplace, meaning it is searchable, shareable, interactive and free. There’s no coding required, so anyone can publish new content fast. And it’s optimized for both desktop and mobile, making important resources more accessible than ever.

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How to do it in Workplace

Getting started is simple. Any admin with permission to manage Knowledge Library can create and edit content. Contact your system admin for the ability to edit Knowledge Library. Learn more about admins roles in the Workplace Technical Resources.

1. Customize your Knowledge Library Home1. Customize your Knowledge Library Home

Knowledge Library Home is a customizable landing page that helps guide employees towards relevant content. Home is unique for each viewer based on the categories they have access to, but admins can highlight priority categories and key links that will be visible for everyone.

Admins can also select a cover photo, page title and subtitle for their organization’s Home page.

Knowledge Library Home

Create a category to get started2. Create a category to get started

Click Create Category to start building your Knowledge Library. Choose from a template or start from scratch adding visuals, links, files and more. You can also create subcategories to dive deeper on important topics.

Categories and subcategories can be reordered to ensure your Knowledge Library is well organized.

Published subcategory

3. Publish to the right audience3. Publish to the right audience

Once your categories are ready, click Publish to determine who can see them. You can determine access by department, job title or location, select a set of Groups or give access to everyone in your Workplace community. Once published, everyone with access to the content will receive a notification.

Setting permissions

4. Keep content up to date and engaging4. Keep content up to date and engaging

Knowledge Library should be the source of truth for key company information, so ensure you have a plan to update it regularly. And since it’s fully integrated in Workplace, it’s easy to search for and share resources in Group posts and to hear back from employees with reactions and comments. Editors will be notified when anyone reacts or comments on categories so they can respond quickly.

Comments and reactions on Knowledge Library pages

Sharing resources in the group



  • Create an official space for important company information and policies.
  • Build content with an easy and intuitive composer. No code needed.
  • People have access to the right information with Knowledge Library Home.
  • Content is easy to engage with, with the ability to search for, share and react and comment on categories.
Success story

Success story

Project Starfish uses learning groups to onboard new trainees.

XPO Logistics is a top ten global logistics company. They help customers manage goods more efficiently throughout their supply chains. Their work became increasingly important during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic when people around the globe became more reliant on delivery of goods in order to reduce public outings.

To keep accurate and reliable information flowing to employees during this busy and chaotic time, XPO Logistics used Knowledge Library to create a space for employees to stay informed about XPO’s response to the ever-evolving Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic situation. XPO Logistics became an early beta tester of Knowledge Library and within a day of getting access to the product, had their Coronavirus (COVID-19) response information out to all employees.

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