Learning & Development

Amplify your existing L&D programs and deliver personalized employee development at scale.

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Learning happens everyday in the way we work. It's the way we interact with each other internally with our teams, externally with our customers, as well as with our partners.

Why is it important?

  • 12% of learners say they apply the skills from the training they receive to their job.
  • 38% of managers believe that their learning programs meet their learner’s needs.
  • One out of every three employees say that uninspiring content is a barrier to their learning.
  • 68% employees prefer to learn at work, 58% prefer to learn at their own pace, 49% prefer to learn at the point of need.
  • #1 reason employees feel held back from learning is because they don't have the time. 94% employees would stay longer if their company invested in their career

How to do it in Workplace

Create a learning group

1. Create a learning group

Create a group for sharing learning from day-to-day work experiences. Share curated skills-based training with links to training materials and events. Workplace helps translate across 80+ languages, making it easy for you to deliver content to a global workforce.

Seek input and engage your employees by running polls in the group to identify what employees are most interested in learning.

Create Learning modules in team groups

2. Create Learning modules in team groups

The Learning feature allows group admins to curate multimedia training posts that employees can easily access anytime, from their desktop of mobile devices. Learn how to use the Learning feature in our guide.

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Learn more about enabling peer-to-peer knowledge sharing with Workplace Learning.
Create learning events and educational broadcasts

3. Create learning events and educational broadcasts

Create Events to drive awareness for upcoming training workshops. Then, go Live in the group so the broadcast can reach everyone, regardless of where they're located.

Micro Learning

Deliver just in time micro-learning experiences by going "Live with the Expert" and respond to questions using Live video's Q&A feature. Or, create "learning moments" by making short interactive videos that capture real life learning and sharing them.

Use Live to deliver micro learnings.

Create learning communities and mentorship circles

4. Create learning communities and mentorship circles

Create a Learning Community or Mentorship Circle group. Share learning and mentorship goals, share experiences with Workplace Live, and upload or share learning materials.

Create mentor-mentee 1:1 groups to provide a private space to share development experiences and enable virtual mentoring experiences with video chat through Workplace Chat.

Gamification & chatbots

5. Gamification & chatbots

Create a Leadership Dashboard, defining a learning milestone and sharing it across leadership to create a sense of competition. Celebrate achieving a learning milestone or completing a certification by going Live in the learning group or sharing a picture of the employee or team.

Automate learning experiences with Chatbots. Workplace helps use the power of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to deliver custom designed learnings to employees via Workplace Chat messages on their mobile devices.

Show progress

6. Show progress

  • Track Learning Unit completion in team groups
  • Identify engagement metrics that include posts, likes, reactions and views.
  • Deliver satisfaction scores using Workplace Surveys and Polls.
  • Track training completion rates by asking follow up questions once employee has viewed content.


  • Bring the learning to the frontline, managers and leaders in their day-to-day work. Make it personal to cater to their individual learning preferences.
  • Deliver 'just in time' learning experiences with relevant content and feedback to drive productivity.
  • Share real life learning experiences from subject matter experts and give an opportunity to ask questions.
  • Deliver accessible and easy to consume educational material using Learning
  • Reduce the cost of delivering training

Success stories

Success stories

Searce logo

Searce had always found it challenging to ensure that their employees were well trained on the variety of products and services the company offers. Scheduling meetings that work for everyone was a nightmare, and getting people to join in person had an added cost.

With Workplace, they created an open group called “Learning & Development | Product training”. Product and service experts go live weekly in the group, explaining new offerings and conducting a Q&A session. Since the session gets posted on the group after the Live video ends, people can watch it at their convenience to catch up or refresh their learning.

As a result of this initiative:

  • All employees have an on-demand library of videos to ensure complete understanding of all the offerings.
  • Follow up questions can be clarified through comments and replies. This feedback helps the expert to improve the training for future.

About Searce

Searce is an official partner of Workplace by Facebook. Searce creates engaging software products, improves business processes, and delivers high performance outcomes through their consulting engagements. With a strong belief that ‘Best practices are overrated’, Searce assembles a small, highly empowered team of top performing engineers and geeks who work to identify better ways of doing things. The innovation focused work culture ensures that the team is ‘encouraged to make mistakes’ and to question the status quo in order to improve processes and deliver transformation.

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