Get to Know Your Execs: Internal Campaign

Showcase your executives for who they really are and build stronger trust and connection to leadership.

Download the Campaign Kit

People want open, authentic leaders. With video in Workplace, your executives can broadcast messages to the entire organization, offering a more personal experience for top-down communication. But outside of important announcements, video in Workplace can also be leveraged to bring executives out of their shells and show your organization another side of their leadership team.

This Executive Authenticity Campaign Kit offers a fun and informal internal campaign that’s focused on humanizing your leadership team to build more empathy and connection across the company. The kit contains a series of gifs with questions for your leadership to respond to, such as:

  • "What was your first job?”
  • “What was the first concert you went to?”
  • “What’s your favorite Workplace group?”
  • “How do you stay productive while working remotely?”
  • And more

Here’s how the campaign works:

  1. Decide on a timeline for posts. We recommend sharing the prompt on a Tuesday and the response from executives a few days later (Thursdays or Fridays are best).
  2. Run through the prompts included in the campaign kit with executives and assign different members of the leadership team to each question.
  3. Post the prompt gif in a company-wide discussion group and @mention the executive who will be responding. Be sure to include the day the executive will be sharing their responses in the body of your post. Encourage employees to guess the answer to make your post even more engaging.
  4. The chosen executive will then post a video in the company-wide group, responding to the prompt and telling personal anecdotes to help employees get to know them better. Encourage your execs to get creative with their video responses. The more personality they can inject into the video the better.

And for more tips on increasing the visibility of your leadership team, check out our Live Town Hall Playbook. It has everything you need to prepare for and execute an amazing Town Hall with Live video on Workplace.

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