Three ways Workplace and ServiceNow are transforming the frontline employee experience

ServiceNow and Workplace are working together to help transform the employee experience for all workers – from the frontlines to the back office. Here’s how.


The COVID-19 pandemic is radically changing the way we live and how we work. One of the most significant examples is the explosion of remote working and the number of opportunities it has created for individuals and businesses. Like the remote workers who are happier and more engaged. Or the employees working remotely who are more productive.

But what about the people who can’t work from home?

Untangle work with Workplace

From informing everyone about the return to the office to adopting a hybrid way of working, Workplace makes work more simple.

Frontline employees

Frontline employees

Of all of the world’s workers, perhaps none feel the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic as keenly as those employees working on the frontline – the healthcare employees, shop assistants, the delivery drivers, the factory workers and more.

And while company managers found innovative ways to bring about wholesale remote working for those who could, it was more difficult to support key workers at the organization's frontline. The results have been painful. Job losses, furloughs, unpaid leave, and huge uncertainty.

Deskless not voiceless

Deskless not voiceless

But the challenge of supporting – and ultimately connecting – frontline workers isn’t a new one. Last month, we followed up on our 2019 Deskless not Voiceless report with a new study focusing on frontline managers. And although there are signs that certain KPIs around business communication and productivity are improving, there’s still a long way to go.

As we continue navigating our way through the global crisis, questions remain for business leaders. How can you close the gap with the frontline? How can you digitally connect employees and recreate the office experience online?

ServiceNow and Workplace

ServiceNow and Workplace

Technology plays a critical role in connecting people wherever they work. We believe that business leaders should be on the lookout for secure tools that make people closer, teamwork faster and culture stronger.

And over the last few months, we’ve been collaborating with ServiceNow to create tools that can help frontline and remote workers connect to the services and solutions they need, wherever they are, to assist with greater productivity.

Talking to frontline employees

Talking to frontline employees

Organizations often have multiple digital tools and systems that employees interact with in their normal flow of work. These disparate systems often create a disconnected and frustrating employee experience. They make it hard for people to find answers, get help, or request a service when they need something.

And if it’s hard for employees in HQ, it’s a safe bet that it’s even harder for frontline employees.

By integrating ServiceNow® Employee Campaigns capabilities with Workplace from Meta, HR and communications teams now have a way to easily communicate with employees, in the frontlines or the back office, by pushing targeted communications from ServiceNow to all employees, or specific groups in Workplace.

This could be information on its culture of D&I, onboarding, an upcoming Open Enrollment for benefits, or return to work procedures. The integration makes it easier for employees to stay informed, engaged and productive from anywhere, across any device. It also means their employee groups and teams can have open communications. Employees can engage with targeted communications from executives or department leaders in both open and closed channels with comments, likes, and sharing to other groups. If they need additional information, they can access links to knowledge articles, or get help from a virtual agent seamlessly in Workplace.

Learn more about Employee Campaigns.

Supporting frontline employees with smart conversational experiences

Supporting frontline employees with smart conversational experiences

ServiceNow’s Virtual Agent is an enterprise chatbot that uses the full context of the Now Platform® to deliver intelligent, personalized, and meaningful conversations that help people get things done. It provides all employees with round-the-clock automated support to resolve common ServiceNow actions within Workplace Chat. Employees can search for information or ask for assistance using natural language – across HR, IT, Workplace services, and other service departments.

That means no more navigating multiple systems, no more remembering passwords – and no more wasting time trying to find the answers people need.

  • Resolve common requests quickly so people can focus on more valuable work
  • Make routine requests simple and straightforward for frontline workers from any device, anywhere
Helping frontline employees stay productive

Helping frontline employees stay productive

ServiceNow can help organizations design and build unique workflows they need to get work done. ServiceNow has developed the Workplace from Meta Integration Hub Spoke to make it easier to integrate Workplace into these workflows.

People can perform actions like creating Workplace Groups and publishing Workplace posts as part of workflows that span different systems and address employee needs.

Learn more about the Workplace from Meta Spoke.

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