Connect your company with Workplace

Workplace is a communication tool that connects everyone in your company. Use familiar features that make it easy to talk and work with colleagues no matter where they are or what they do. Watch the video below to find out how.

Talk to everyone

Workplace makes it easy to talk to everybody in your company, from head office to the shop floor. And familiar features make it quick to deploy and easy to adopt.

  • Speak to the right people at the right time with Groups
  • Capture company-wide attention with Live video
  • Measure the impact of your messages with Insights

Engage with everyone

Transform business communication by engaging the entire organization.

  • Hear instant feedback through comments and Reactions
  • Open the conversation to everyone with Auto-Translate
  • Get input on decisions with Polls and Surveys

Work with anyone

When people are more connected, companies are more agile. Workplace helps people and teams get more done together.

  • Share updates, feedback and ideas in project Groups
  • Create, store or share static and dynamic content from anywhere with Knowledge Library
  • Integrate Workplace with the business software you already use to get work done

Protecting data. Respecting privacy

Keeping data separate

Workplace and Facebook are separate platforms with different accounts and profiles. The data your employees put into Workplace belongs to your organization and can’t be accessed publicly. We don’t use it to show ads and we take strong measures to prevent any misuse of data by internal or external parties.

Security certifications

Workplace is regularly audited for security and compliance. We exceed industry standards with ISO27018, ISO27001, SOC2 and SOC 3 certifications.

  • “I use it for a broad spectrum of communications. I love video. I travel a lot, so if I'm in France, I'm sharing the excitement of the work they're doing.”

    Mindy Grossman, CEO, WW

  • “Workplace has become the giant water cooler around which employees congregate, for work and for socializing, both of which are key to a happier and more productive workforce.”

    Jin Montesano, Chief People Officer, LIXIL

  • “Workplace has exceeded our expectations. Our group has become more agile. Communication is now both local and global, targeted, customised, relevant and fast.”

    Lionel Chenet, Digital Communications Director, Consolis