Cultivating a culture of togetherness amidst expansion

Veterinary Emergency Group (VEG) is a veterinary hospital with 800 employees across 20 hospitals in the US.

Why Workplace?

As VEG rapidly expands with new hospitals across the United States, the organization has outgrown its Google Workspace tools and needed to transition to a solution that would keep its growing workforce bonded. VEG also needed an efficient way to relay important information regarding emergencies and changing COVID-19 pandemic regulations.

Workplace provides a user-friendly, versatile platform for VEG to share knowledge and company updates, and connect with colleagues across hospitals. Even while apart in different states, employees can now collaborate better and draw closer to the company’s culture of togetherness through a centralized touch point.


“Without Workplace, we wouldn’t know as many other VEG employees and be as connected. We wouldn’t be saving as many lives as we do and have the culture that we have today.”

Anna Foster
Associate Director of The VEG Innovation Lab


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Cultivating togetherness in an expanding team

As the team grows, VEG uses Workplace to welcome new hires and post meaningful customer stories, strengthening relationships and keeping morale high. By coming together regularly on Workplace Live – to interact on the CEO’s monthly ‘VEG show’, or celebrate a new hospital opening – the organization gets closer day by day

Unlocking a knowledge network

When faced with challenging cases, employees use Workplace to gain immediate support and crowdsource knowledge from doctors in other VEG hospitals. VEG also uses Workplace to host regular education and development programs. This has helped VEG become a smarter, nimbler organization that saves more lives in less time.

Clear communication amidst volatility

Through Workplace Groups, VEG has cut out email inbox clutter to establish a clear line of communication. From differing COVID-19 state guidelines to company policies, important information is conveyed and flagged in real-time. Employees can respond and engage in dialogue-enhancing cohesion and alignment across the organization.

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