Better pilot training and workflow automation at Scoot

Based in Singapore, Scoot is the low-cost arm of the Singapore Airlines Group, and what sets them apart is their mission to bring fun into every flight. This mission is fueled by an energetic, open, informal work environment and a collaborative culture.

Scoot sought out Workplace as a mobile-first solution to not only engage and include their entire organization, but also to act as a guardian and promoter of corporate brand and culture.

Whether work is happening on the runway, in the cockpit or at the passenger check-in desk, Workplace has brought employees closer together than ever before. It has also fostered inclusivity in a safe and open environment, where brainstorms, inspiration, and unique perspectives are shared within teams and cross-functionally. For Scoot, this has helped accelerate growth and innovation, and taken talent acquisition and culture to new heights.


“In line with our philosophy of openness and candidness, we designed our offices without barriers to facilitate open dialogue and collaboration. Workplace takes this philosophy to the next level.”

George Chan
Senior HR Manager at Scoot


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reduction in email correspondence for company-wide updates
stronger engagement with new employees including cadet pilots

Facilitating onboarding of cadet pilots and bringing them closer to Scoot’s culture

As part of Scoot’s Cadet Pilot Training Program, in partnership with Singapore Flying College, each new crop of cadet pilots attends six months of theory training in Singapore. This is followed by a year in Jandakot, Perth, to complete the flying phase of training before they join the fleet. Cadets are automatically given access to a Multi-Company Group to connect with head office in Singapore. This is useful as cadets don’t have corporate email accounts, because they are not full-time employees.

Transforming the process of managing rosters

Managing the flight crew and their schedules is a big task for the rostering team. Firming up a set of crew for a flight may involve many exchanges between the team, Captain and/or pilots, consuming precious time. Identifying the need to streamline the process, Scoot created a ‘Roster Planning Group’ on Workplace with both flight crew and the roster team, which has significantly simplified the task of finalizing flight rosters.

Using bots for broadcasting and automation

Scoot has deployed Prepp Bot, a smart chat bot, to broadcast urgent messages to all employees via Workplace Chat. Read rates can be monitored, which allows the internal communications team to take further action if read rates are low. Scoot will soon use Prepp Bot to automate employee onboarding, which is currently done manually via email.

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