Ransa unites workers from across the globe

Ransa is a global logistics company headquartered in Peru with 7,000 employees across seven countries. The organization offers supply chain solutions to businesses across Latin America.

As a global organization, Ransa workers felt disconnected from their colleagues and had limited understanding of business activity outside of their day-to-day role.

Ransa leaders also struggled to connect with their people and generate meaningful engagement across different business units.

Ransa chose Workplace because it was easy to adopt and navigate. Workplace features would help strengthen employee engagement, collaboration and efficiency, as well as streamline internal communications and break down the distance between executives and the rest of the organization.

Commerce & Logistics

"Workplace helps us to stay connected and aligned to our corporate culture in all geographies where we operate. It is the place where we share best practices, celebrate achievements and share relevant news about the company. Workplace also keeps us in touch with our frontline workers and our staff at home, mobilizing us to work as one united team and focused on our purpose. "

Gabriela Llosa
Communications & Marketing Vice President, Ransa


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Giving everyone a voice

With Workplace, Ransa has managed to break down the barriers between different levels of the organization, enabling every worker to contribute feedback, share concerns and offer suggestions. The translation feature has removed language barriers and ensured conversations can happen between staff in different countries, so every worker feels valued and heard.

Supporting health and wellbeing

Workplace has become a touchpoint for fostering the health and wellbeing of every employee. Ransa worked with Workplace partner Huminos to develop the COVID-19 Bot to send critical updates to staff, share health tips and gain feedback through quizzes. Since the Bot was introduced, the organization has seen an increase in the number of employees engaging with COVID-19 messages. This two-way communication allows leaders to stay on top of any concerns.

Building a collaborative culture

Dedicated Workplace Groups for each sector of Ransa are a place for staff to share content, best practices, insights and other information from wherever they are. The high adoption of Groups has helped Ransa streamline communication, build a united culture and create strong bonds between people and teams.

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