Connecting field employees with Workplace

With a huge frontline workforce where 90% of employees are field workers, Max Life Insurance is the largest non-bank owned life insurance organization in India. Great Place to Work India named Max Life in their Top 25 Best Companies to Work For.

Why Workplace?

Max Life Insurance wanted to overcome the geographical and cultural barriers between its office based employees and agents across India. As the company transitioned to remote working, it became increasingly important to give everyone a voice and an easy way to communicate.

Max Life's leaders wanted a platform that could enable bottom-up communication, where messages could be accessed and shared quickly and easily from any location. Workplace proved to be an intuitive platform that required no formal training. It helped employees quickly adjust and securely move all forms of communication into one place.


"Max Life has been able to unlock 100% digital sales opportunity in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic and build new permanent muscle. In these challenging times, Workplace has enabled leaders to get much closer to our field teams. What we do and don’t do in these times will either haunt us or hail us 10 years from now."

V (Vishy) Viswanand
Deputy Managing Director, Max Life


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Reinforcing a culture of appreciation

The Workplace Kudos Bot was introduced when Max Life's workforce transitioned to remote working. So during this uncertain period of significant change, colleagues and team leaders could instantly give thanks and rewards. This encouraged both peer-to-peer and top-down recognition which helped amplify the company's culture and maintain high motivation levels.

Staying connected even when apart

Max Life has always recognized the power of collaboration. The business now uses Workplace Groups across the country, so employees can securely collaborate on specific projects, discuss ideas and share resources.

Leading with transparency

Workplace has given Max Life's employees a direct line of communication with leaders and helped to increase the company’s transparency. By hosting Live Q and A's, the leadership team interacts with employees at all levels, takes on any feedback and maintains consistent messaging.

Inspiring others and upholding company values

Through various campaigns, leaders and employees have shared their real life stories and challenges with the rest of the organization via Workplace Posts. This has helped reinforce the company's values, created a sense of unity across all sectors and inspired others to follow their lead.

Key Features

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