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FGF Brands Inc is a tech-focussed bakery on a mission to enrich lives through affordable, high-quality baked goods. The company brings together a team of engineers, food scientists, chefs and bakers to service retail and commercial businesses.

FGF Brands needed a way to move their in-person interactions online.

Workplace helped FGF Brands replicate the uniting and exciting ambience of attending an in-person 2000 PAX event. By encouraging interaction between Team Members, senior leaders were able to maintain engagement across the week-long online event and recreated virtual versions of the annual event schedule.

When COVID-19 halted the organization’s annual Team Member event for frontline production Team Members, senior leaders looked to a virtual replacement. They wanted a one-stop, easy-to-use and interactive platform that could host their signature activities and presentations.

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"For one full week in September of 2020 we had daily livestreams, energetic team videos, fun competitions, and rotating event emcees. While nothing replaces in-person events, Workplace helped us pivot during the pandemic in a way that kept our teams engaged."

Natalie Simjanov
Director, Organizational Effectiveness, FGF Brands


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Boosting engagement across the company

Workplace streamlined the first virtual event held by FGF Brands. The week-long schedule of Live Videos included a range of in-house presenters and fun engagement initiatives. By mimicking the interactive nature of in-person events, Workplace helped bring everyone together within the organization and, even through COVID, gave every Team Member a sense of community

Consistency and efficiency in messaging

FGF Brands recognises clear messaging is essential for any virtual event. Giving Team Members a clear break down of each event in Posts ensured everyone had the relevant information needed to access the sessions. This also allowed Team Members to engage before the kick-off or offer valuable feedback afterwards. Helping Team Members know where to go for the event resulted in increased attendance and led to greater engagement across all teams and plants.

Reinforcing company culture

Using Workplace for its annual Team Member event allowed FGF Brands Inc to bring all frontline Team Members together and strengthen their bonds, despite being separated by distance. By virtually supporting a unified culture, FGF Brands could maintain its energetic feel and never missing a beat though separated during the pandemic. This also created the foundations for an innovative approach to future company initiatives.

Supporting each other through challenging times

FGF Brands Inc launched the #Lockdown2020 hashtag to encourage team members to keep posting images and videos after the event finished. The trending hashtag in the Newsfeed helped maintain enthusiasm and connectivity throughout the organization during a particularly challenging time.

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