Communicating with frontline workers

Established in 1950 by Gérard Blitz and Gilbert Trigano, Club Med specializes in upscale, all-inclusive holidays across the world.

Why Workplace?

In 2015, the company decided to accelerate their digital strategy and needed a more effective way to communicate with teams and share information, other than printed or intranet communications. With approximately 84% of Club Med's workforce on the frontline in resorts, it became crucial to connect the entire company together as one.

Executives wanted a familiar and highly adoptable tool to connect all employees, regardless of location. Workplace's intuitive nature empowered employees to quickly adapt to a new way of working and spread a new digital culture across the whole organization.


"With Workplace, we have been able to connect in a more fluid way. This encourages greater cooperation and more diverse input into new ideas. We can also highlight successes and internal opportunities."

Sylvie Brisson
CHRO, Club Med


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Connecting everyone with Workplace Live

One of the most significant changes has been to the company's annual conference, which in the past has been attended in person by over 1,000 employees. Workplace Live has enabled the event to be held virtually and live-streamed to all employees around the world.

Working smarter with Workplace Groups

From the outset, the company saw the power of Workplace Groups. They use two main groups – Club MedLife and Club Med News – to share news and successes with everybody in the organization. Now 150 groups have been formed for specific projects and teams, where colleagues can work collaboratively and seek help on issues or roadblocks, empowering them to get work done more effectively than ever before, regardless of their location.

Key Features

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