Putting employee experience at the center with Workato and Workplace

Central Group is a leader in Thailand’s retail, property and hospitality industries. The forward-looking business has pioneered many of the country’s most innovative business strategies.

Why Workato, why Workplace?

Central Group needed an easy-to-use, mobile-friendly solution to keep in touch with its large frontline workforce. They also needed to replace outdated technology tools, plus eliminate manual and repetitive work.

Workato’s modern, plain language Graphical User Interface (GUI) made it easy for users to understand and build automation workflows – even if they didn’t have a coding or developer background. Through Workato’s Workbot for Workplace, Central Group’s Digital HR teams easily built automations between Workplace and the other SaaS tools they use across the company – all with minimal effort from IT. This enabled faster iterations of automated experiences supported by Workplace. Plus, more of the HR teams could be trained in developing further automated workflows in the future.

Thailand’s Central Group is seen as a pioneer in several innovative business strategies. One of these was setting up a digital HR team to improve internal processes and enhance employee experience. So Central Group needed a solution that employees could use with minimal training and access on-the-go. Both of these were solved in one go by Workplace’s communication platform.

Retail, Property, Hospitality

"With Workplace from Meta, we’ve reduced the time it takes to launch new services and to perform tasks by eliminating manual, repetitive work. It’s given us the opportunity to deliver better experiences and become more efficient at our jobs, which makes for happier and more engaged employees."

Akarin Phureesitr
Head of People Group - Central Pattana, Central Group


faster approval for time off
week to build the Health bot and go live
of 4000+ employee submitted declarations daily

Enhancing employee experience through automation

Workplace from Meta helped streamline and enhance Central Group’s employee experience through a workflow powered by Workato. Employees could request for time-off using Workplace Chat, and managers will receive a Workplace message that allows them to approve the request directly via the platform. This simplified leave requests, reduced approval times by 94%, and cut down the context-switching required by managers as they no longer have to load their HRMS.

Creating efficiencies

With Health Bot on Workplace powered by Workato, Central Group could react quickly with a proactive strategy as the pandemic became more severe. Using the bot, HR could efficiently collect daily health declarations and vaccination data from 4,000+ employees from 2 business units across multiple Thailand locations. HR identified employees in critical zones and conveyed real-time updates to both ensure employee safety and keep the business productive.

Amplifying culture

Chom Bot was created on Workato to recognize employees who champion corporate beliefs and amplify their stories. With Chom Bot, Central Group was able streamline the recognition workflow and bring greater visibility at different levels – formal and informal, managers and peer-to-peer.

Key Features

Workplace Chat

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Connect to the tools you’re already using.