How using Org Chart helps build better relationships

Use Org Chart in Workplace to find people in your organization, build connections, or just put a face to the name.

workplace org chart - Workplace from Meta

Org Chart lets you look up individual profiles and team information. So you spend less time scratching your head about who to ask for help and more time doing what you love.

Build better relationships

Build better relationships

The more people you add to a business, the more complicated it becomes. And nobody likes wasting time figuring out who to talk to in order to get work done.

Org Chart couldn’t be simpler. Click on someone’s name to go to their profile page to find their location, contact details, manager, and team structure.

Want to chat? No problems: you can ping someone a message or share a file with them in Workplace Chat with the click of a button.

But don’t just take our word for it. Watch how managers at Campbell are using Org Chart to untangle their team structure.

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