Meet the Singapore hospital using automation to reimagine healthcare processes

With over 16 specialist centres and 45 health departments, Tan Tock Seng Hospital (TTSH) is one of Singapore’s largest multi-disciplinary hospitals.

reimagine healthcare - Workplace from Meta

TTSH was the first hospital in the world to adopt Workplace. When they first joined the platform, their mission was to modernise a clunky communication system that consisted of emails, shared folders, an intranet and a mountain of meetings.

What TTSH has achieved has far exceeded their initial goal, and is disrupting longstanding processes and procedures deeply ingrained into hospital practice.

TTSH has built three hospital-specific chat bots on Workplace, with a fourth currently in the works.

  1. The Directory bot allows people to search for clinic hotlines on the go.
  2. The Translation bot provides department names and designations in all four of Singapore’s national languages.
  3. The Short Form bot allows staff to check the meaning of acronyms and abbreviations through Work Chat, or in a post or comment.
  4. The Pharmacy Drug Search bot (currently in development) will act as a virtual library of drug names, manufacturer information, and images of packaging and medication.

These bots allow teams at TTSH to spend less time bogged down in admin work, and more time caring for patients and saving lives.

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