How Workplace is helping non-profits deliver on their social missions

Why Workplace for Good?


We’re publishing our first annual Social Impact Report to explore why better connected non-profit organizations are delivering even more social impact.

Since the launch of Workplace for Good a year ago, we’re proud to have helped hundreds of thousands of people working at non-profits and educational institutions use Workplace to build meaningful communities and transform how they work.

Untangle work with Workplace

From informing everyone about the return to the office to adopting a hybrid way of working, Workplace makes work more simple.

And today, we’re publishing our Workplace Social Impact 2018/2019 study. It celebrates some of the ways that organizations are using Workplace to do extraordinary things and highlights the areas where we’ve been successful in driving social impact. It also explores some future opportunities for growth and improvement.

We’ll go through some of the findings shortly and you can get the full report here. But first, a question...

Why Workplace for Good?

Why Workplace for Good?

We’re building Workplace because we believe that work is better when organizations are connected. People are closer, teamwork is faster, and company culture is stronger.

We recognize that although non-profits face the same challenges as other companies, they don’t always have the resources to tackle them.

So one year ago, we decided to build a program that made Workplace tools accessible to those organizations without the resources to access them openly.

Helping non-profits and educational organizations drive social impact

And we’re proud to say that in the last year, Workplace for Good has supported thousands of non-profit and educational institutions - helping them build stronger organizations and better serve their communities.

Theory of change

Theory of change

Because we believe that providing our Workplace to these purpose-driven organizations for free has a direct social impact on communities. And we’re an impact focused organization. We can see that if it’s the right thing for communities and the right thing for non-profits - then it’s the right thing for us to do.

Summary of results

Summary of results

1. Driving connection and collaboration

We know that a more connected and collaborative organization brings people closer, makes work faster, and builds a stronger organizational culture.

People who feel more connected to each other and to leadership teams are happier and they stay with their organizations longer. They’re also likely to be more productive.

But in order for Workplace to be able to drive any social impact, we must first support non-profits and educational institutions to unlock that capacity. So we asked if using Workplace was helping them achieve this. Here’s what they said.

  • Closer. 78% told us that using Workplace makes it easier for senior leaders to communicate with their colleagues
  • Faster. 87%agree that using Workplace drives more collaboration between individual employees and teams
  • Stronger. 82% agree that using Workplace has helped drive a stronger organizational culture

“Workplace has become the town square for our organizations. Internal Comms plans now include Workplace as a means to communicate effectively and spread the messages throughout the confederation.”

2. Driving social impact

When a non-profit is connected, collaborative and strong, it can move at speed to achieve its mission and increase its social impact.

The Workplace for Good program is only one year old. It will take time for increases in the strength of an organization to result in measurable social impact. But when we asked non-profits about using Workplace to drive social impact, they told us:

  • 71% say Workplace is an important tool in helping them achieve their social mission
  • 45% say using Workplace is helping them move at speed to tackle challenging social issues. A number that rises to 67% for organizations with over 1500 employees
  • 61% of users told us that Workplace helps them better serve their communities

“Workplace allows us to stay connected, work together in real time and build a global learning community. There are very few tools that allow us to accomplish this so efficiently and effectively.”

Our plans for 2019/2020

Our plans for 2019/2020

It’s been a year of growth - and of impact. So, what’s next for Workplace For Good?

  • An increased focus on social impact. We’ll be diving even deeper into the data to understand fully what makes up the DNA of a successful social mission led organization on Workplace, and how we can support and replicate this approach
  • The growth of our peer to peer non-profit community. We’ll be connecting non-profits and educators together to share best practice and unlock digital capacity
  • Building on our training and self -support materials, to help all organizations get the information that they need quickly, and fully realize the potential of our tools
  • Making access to the program easier for eligible organizations. We want to streamline our processes, making it easier for eligible organizations to deliver impact, faster

To learn from global NGOs and charities about how they use Workplace to drive collaboration and social impact - and to read the full research - download the Social Impact Report here.

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