1. These Reseller Customer Terms form part of the Workplace Online Terms, or such other agreement that you may have entered into with Meta governing your use of Workplace that references these Reseller Customer Terms (collectively, the "Reseller Customer Terms"). In the event you engage, or otherwise access and use Workplace through a Reseller, you agree that:
    1. You have entered into a valid and binding agreement with your chosen Reseller specifying the terms and conditions governing your relationship with such Reseller in relation to Workplace (the "Reseller Terms");
    2. Solely during the timeframe that you actively procure Workplace through a Reseller, any fees and payment terms that you are responsible for as a result of your use of Workplace will be determined between you and your chosen Reseller, and paid in accordance with the Reseller Terms. In addition, Meta may immediately suspend or terminate your access and use of Workplace if the Reseller Terms are terminated for any reason or you do not timely pay all amounts due to your Reseller;
    3. Your ability to terminate your use and/or payment obligations for Workplace may be different from what may be stated in the Workplace Customer Terms depending on the terms and conditions of the Reseller Terms;
    4. You will immediately notify Meta in the event you and your Reseller no longer have a valid contractual agreement in place authorizing you to access and use Workplace;
    5. If the Reseller Terms are terminated or expire for any reason, or in the event a Reseller no longer has rights to resell Workplace to you, you may continue to access and use Workplace directly from Meta at Meta's then-current published rates, or through another authorised Reseller;
    6. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained in the Workplace Customer Terms, you acknowledge and agree that Meta may provide your Reseller, your Reseller’s Affiliates, and in the event your Reseller is a multi-tier Reseller, your Reseller’s distributor(s), with statistical information about your engagement on Workplace (including number of groups, number of posts, number of reactions, number of chats, number of monthly active Users, Billable Users, launched Users, add-ons, etc.);
    7. To help further facilitate the relationship between you and your Reseller, you instruct Meta to provide your Reseller, your Reseller’s Affiliates, and in the event your Reseller is a multi-tier Reseller, your Reseller’s distributor(s), information related to your system administrators, such as names, email addresses, and other information (which may include other personal data) as well as information regarding your Support Tickets (including ticket number, status, response time, resolution time, issue type, categories, days active, etc.); and
    8. Resellers are not authorized to modify the Workplace Customer Terms or make any promises or commitments on Meta’s behalf, and Meta shall not be bound by any obligations to you, Resellers, or any other third parties other than as may be expressly set forth in the Workplace Customer Terms.