Keep remote workersconnected

Nobody wants to be a 'remote' worker. Workplace uses simple and familiar tools to keep people connected, informed and productive - even when they’re apart.

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Why Workplace for remote workers?

Quickly get news and announcements to the people who need it, whether it's your entire company, a department or just your team.

With the same great features as Meta, Workplace is a one-stop solution for your remote working needs.

Workplace has the tools you need to keep your employees in touch with each other and up to speed with your company news and decisions.

Workplace lets you connect effortlessly with coworkers or partners, and keeps projects on track with mobile-friendly collaboration tools.

The remote working solution you already know how to use

Workplace is simple and intuitive, which means virtually anyone can get started without IT support. And because it brings different work tools together, you can switch tasks without switching apps.

Workplace uses the same features as Meta, including News Feed, Groups and Live Video. So there's no training or support required.

Why use separate tools for working, calling and messaging? Workplace brings all your essential tools together in a single package.

Workplace connects to all the tools you love to use, from Office 365 and Google Drive to Dropbox, SharePoint and Azure.

Keep everyone up to speed

Make sure your remote workers always have access to relevant information, as well as a way to share their voice with the rest of the business.

Gather your entire company, region or remote team in a single space to share updates, get feedback and respond to questions.

Go live from your phone or create premium events straight from your computer, and spend time face-to-face even when you’re apart.

Want to draw attention to the latest health or travel advice? Post a video in a group explaining what's happening. You can also start conversations in the comment threads and see how many people have watched.

Mobile tools for remote teams

Workplace brings your most important collaboration tools together in a simple, mobile-friendly package.

Workplace makes remote meetings easy, with no dial-in codes and no time limits. Use Video Chat to get face-time with your colleagues and make decisions fast in real-time.

Make important decisions quickly by bringing small groups together via instant messaging – and avoid filling your day with meetings.

Can’t travel to meet customers or suppliers? Multi-Company Groups let you collaborate remotely, by securely inviting external parties to work with you on Workplace.

A smarter way to work from home

Portal is a video communication device designed to help you stay connected. Use Workplace on the Portal app to join video calls.

The Portal camera uses cutting-edge AI to pan and zoom so it seamlessly follows your actions.

Portal uses directional microphones to enhance the voice of whoever is talking while minimizing background noise.

With a dedicated VC device, you can continue to use your computer for real-time collaboration and information sharing, even if you're on a call.

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