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5 steps to becoming a more inspirational people manager

Discover tips, tricks and insights to help you inspire collaboration, build a strong team culture, run your team virtually and a whole lot more

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Quick launch guide

Launching Workplace to 500 people or less? Follow this guide for a fast and simple deployment.


Workplace user essentials

Get all the Workplace essentials - from collaboration and posting tips, to advice on managing your team like a boss.


System admin guide

Learn useful tips and best practices on using the Admin Panel to manage and monitor your Workplace community.

Communicate with my company

Live Town Hall Playbook


Live town hall playbook

Get everything you need to run a successful town hall using Live Video in Workplace, including best practices and customizable promotional assets.

Everyday communications


How to amplify Workplace within Microsoft Teams

Discover how the Workplace integration with Microsoft Teams helps communicators, managers, and employees connect across tools.

Strategic communication in Workplace


Strategic communication in Workplace

Learn how to make the most of Workplace admin features, build strategic communication plans and create posts people actually read.

Increase employee engagement

How 5 companies use Live Video to drive engagement


How 5 companies used Live Video to drive engagement

Discover how Workplace customers used Live Video to build strong virtual communities and company culture during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The ins and outs of Live Video


The ins-and-outs of Live Video

Get all the tools, training and tips to help you change the way you connect and drive engagement with Live Video in Workplace.

Fun Friday campaign kit


Fun Friday campaign kits

Fun and lightweight games and challenges to get your employees talking.

Strengthen work culture

Amplifying company culture


Amplifying company culture

Find out how to promote your company values on Workplace and celebrate the individuals who make up your organization’s culture.

Empowering hybrid teams


Empowering hybrid teams

Get tools and best practices to develop new working norms that empower people to do their best work from anywhere.

Be the best boss they’ve ever had


Be the best boss they’ve ever had

Learn how to run your team or department through Workplace - from 1:1 relationships all the way to external stakeholders.

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