Optimize Your News Feed

Get more from your News Feed so you can stay up to date on important groups and discussions.

Your News Feed aggregates all the important posts from your groups and people you follow to serve up the highlights from across your Workplace in one central location.

When you’re a member of many groups, it can sometimes be hard to sift through the social, announcement, and project posts in your News Feed to find the things that matter to you. Workplace helps you stay on top of important information with a variety of tools to help you understand, manage, and optimize your News Feed.

How to do it in Workplace

Understand your News Feed1. Understand your News Feed

Find out why you’re seeing certain posts in your News Feed by clicking on the at the top right hand corner and selecting Why am I seeing this post? You’ll find brief explanations of the signals used to determine the location of that post in your News Feed.

Why am I seeing this post? Pop up with explanation.

Check your groups2. Check your groups

Your News Feed is largely made up of posts from your groups, so modifying your group preferences makes a big impact on what you see in your News Feed. Go to the Groups page from under See More in your Home menu to see all the groups you’re a member of.

You can manage your group preferences individually by clicking on the icons on each group tile to leave a group or to follow or unfollow a group. Or, click on the “Bulk Manage Groups” button to filter for, search, and select multiple groups at once. Then, apply any of these changes to all of the groups you have selected.

Groups page with Bulk Manage Groups pop up.

In the Suggested Groups tab, you can also discover groups that might be of interest to you, based on your current activity and group membership. Join more groups to get more content in your News Feed.

Follow people3. Follow people

Follow people in your organization to see more of their posts. It’s a good idea to follow your executive team and any of the people you work with regularly.

Prioritize groups4. Prioritize groups

It can be hard to differentiate between posts and comments in your News Feed that are important to your daily work and ones that are nice to know. That’s why Workplace allows you to mark up to six groups you’re a member of as your priority groups.

When you mark a group as priority it appears first in your News Feed, so you can stay on top of the things that matter most.

Adjust your preferences5. Adjust your preferences

Help Workplace learn what content is most useful to you by adjusting your preferences. Go to a specific post and click on the … at the top right hand corner to see the different ways you can adjust your settings. If you hide a story from your News Feed, you'll be less likely to see similar stories there in the future.

Groups page with Bulk Manage Groups pop up.



  • Learn more about News Feed directly from individual posts.
  • Manage group settings in bulk from one central place.
  • Follow people to stay on top of their posts and activity.
  • Easily find prioritized content.
  • Quickly change preferences from individual posts.

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