Managing Events

Streamline internal and external events and keep attendees up to date.

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From town halls to sales kickoffs, product launches to press conferences, internal and external events are a core part of business life. Workplace enables your events teams to streamline event management and to provide attendees, external events partners, and remote employees with access to content anytime, all in a central event space.

How to do it in Workplace

Create event FYI groups1. Create event FYI groups

Keep attendees up to date with all the latest news and information about the upcoming event by creating individual event specific groups.

Create event logistics MCG2. Create an event logistics MCG

Create a Multi-company Group (MCG) to manage all of your event's suppliers and logistics team in one place, and to ensure that everyone is kept in the loop.

Group creation pop up with group name filled in as "Fox Fabrics Summit Logistics (MCG) and Multi-Company Group selected

Share event documents in your group3. Share event documents in your group

Make all your slide decks, event handouts and documentation available for everyone to access and download before, during and after the event (the timing is completely up to you).

Share curated event content4. Share curated event content

Encourage attendees to post their reactions and photos from the ground into the event FYI group for people to engage with.

Pro Tip: Stream your curated content onto big digital screens at the event.

Engage attendees with interactive polls5. Engage attendees with interactive polls

Ensure that the attendees (both in person and virtual) are able to participate by running Live polls during the event in the event FYI group for both question submissions and for Live interactive voting.

Poll asking for questions during Live Q&A

Broadcast the event by going Live6. Broadcast the event by going Live

Can't fly everyone in for the event? No problem. By Live broadcasting the event to the event FYI group, everyone will be able to see the sessions as they unfold while also receiving real-time company-wide feedback through likes, comments and reactions. Live video will automatically post into your group page, so people who miss the event can catch up later.

Live video in mobile device shows man and comments and likes coming up from the bottom of the phone screen

Pro Tip: if your business is spread across multiple locations book a meeting room / space within each office where employees can gather to watch the broadcast together, making it a community event.

Create a bot for event logistics7. Create a bot for event logistics

No matter how much information you provide, there is always a stream of questions from attendees that can tie up the event crew. Create a bot for travel and agenda management working with your IT team or with a third-party partner.



  • Streamline event management for the event by connecting your internal event group and external event network.
  • Support interaction between participants before, during and after the event.
  • Allow attendees to access event content anytime - even if they are unable to be there in person - and be able to ask questions and discuss the topics covered during the event.
  • Get real-time reactions, feedback and input from attendees (both in-person and virtual).

Success stories

Success stories

Columbia Sportswear Company uses Workplace by Facebook

Streamline event management and keep attendees up to date with all event details