Crisis Communications

Centralize crisis messaging and keep people informed.

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Don't let a crisis catch you unprepared. Make sure that you are set up to manage a crisis or issue in a timely and effective manner. Ensure that key groups are kept informed, and guarantee that all your employees are being kept in the loop by you and not the external news networks.

How to do it in Workplace

Create a security announcements group1. Create an official security announcements group

Create an open security announcements group to ensure that everyone is kept-up-to-date with key developments and any actions that need to be taken. If your company has several offices, create a separate group for each location.

Mark the group as Official so that employees know the group is the official channel for all company-wide security communication. Pin a post to the top of the group page letting everyone know what the group will be used for.

Fox Fabrics Security Announcements group

Make the security announcements group a default group so that you can reach everyone in one place with the latest updates and calls to action during the crisis.

Learn how to make a group a default group in the Workplace Help Center.

To ensure all posts pertain to important security announcements only, limit posting in the group to admins only.

Fox Fabrics Post Approval

Disable post comments2. Disable post comments

When you need to broadcast crisis updates to keep your employees up to date with the latest developments of the crisis as they happen, but don't want to open it up for debate / feedback.

Turn Off Commenting

Mark critical posts as important3. Mark critical posts as important

Give critical announcements a boost with Mark as Important and ensure that important posts are surfaced at the top of everyone's News Feeds. Select how long you want this post to appear as important. When you use Mark as Important, all members of your security announcement group will be notified of your post, and it will appear at the top of their News Feeds. Employees will be asked to mark the post as read, and System Admins, Content Moderators, and custom admin roles with the ‘Mark posts as important’ permission will be able to track stats on Seen by, Marked as Read, Comments and Reactions.

Mark as important

Create a secret group for safety and security communication4. Create a secret group for safety and security communication

Create a Secret group to act as the virtual war-room to ensure that the security team is kept up to speed and that all communications and decisions are kept in one place.

Handle crises transparently with Live5. Handle crises transparently with Live broadcasts

Bring further authenticity and transparency to crisis handling by the leadership team by switching from text to going Live for key crisis updates. Live broadcasts will automatically post in your group, so anyone that misses the broadcast can catch up later.

Live broadcasts

Encourage dialogue with polls6. Encourage dialogue with Q&A posts and polls

Enable two-way cross-company dialogue with crowdsourced Q&A polls. Create a poll in your security announcements group with several questions focused on company safety and security strategy and guidelines. Invite employees to vote on questions or add their own. These questions can be addressed by the executive team during the Live broadcast.

If you're not using Live Video, create a Q&A post in your security announcements group and invite people to share their questions. All members of the group will be notified about your post and will be able to ask questions directly on the post. Groups members will also be able to upvote and downvote questions and reply to other group members.

Q&A post

Ensure employees are safe with Safety Check7. Ensure employees are safe with Safety Check

Safety Check for Workplace enables you to quickly contact employees to confirm who is safe and who needs help during an emergency, no matter who they are or where they are based. While the hope is that you never need to use Safety Check, being able to act quickly and thoughtfully in a crisis is crucial.

Safety Check

Create a "global security Q&A" group8. Create a "global security Q&A" group

Use this open group as a place to keep employees informed during an emergency and to get feedback from your employees on physical and technological security concerns. Encourage people to post in this group if they have a question or concern about something happening at a work location (from suspicious activity to a natural disaster).



  • Enable faster, effective decision-making by connecting key decision makers into a virtual war-room and ensuring all communications, information and decisions are kept in one place.
  • Improve business responsiveness with real-time collaboration amongst core teams.
  • Strengthen employee awareness by keeping employees connected and informed about key updates.
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