Managing Projects in Workplace

Create a central space for all your project needs in Workplace.

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Using email for project communications can get messy. Information gets lost in multiple email threads, and limited search capability makes it difficult to find the files and resources you need.

Workplace lets you create a central space for all your project needs that you can access anywhere, anytime. Use Workplace to share files, request and offer feedback, communicate back-and-forth with your team, and host and broadcast meetings. This guide will walk you through it.

How to do it in Workplace

Create a project group1. Create a project group

Create a closed project group to centralize all your project communications and add your team members and stakeholders. Project groups are typically kept closed so only relevant people can see posts and contribute. If your'e working with people outside of your organization, create a multi-company group.

Visit the Help Center for more information on group privacy.

Pin a post2. Pin a post

Write a post that outlines your project goals, available resources, deadlines, and any other important project information. Pin this post to the top of the group page so people can refer to it easily.

Pinned Project Post

Share updates & files3. Share updates & files

Instruct your team to post weekly updates in the group. Weekly updates increase the visibility of everyone's work and keep everyone informed on people's progress, priorities, and any issues that need to be resolved.

Use Workplace to share files from other tools you use every day. Go to the “Write a post” box and see what tools you can pull files from. Authenticated previews will provide an eye-catching sneak peek of content, visible only to those with access granted. And folder linking capability lets you share a whole group of assets that are always up to date.


Use the search bar on the group page to find posts, files, or comments you need to refer to. All the files that have been shared in your group are easy to find again in the Files tab..

How to find files in groups

If you don't see the file sharing tools you need, check the Integrations tab. If you've created your project group you're the group admin. Being group admin means you have the ability to add integrations for your group members to use. File sharing integrations make it easy to showcase what you're working on, and they're great for gathering feedback from others.

How to add integrations

Collaborate with your team4. Collaborate with your team

Create a document directly in Workplace to share important information with your team. Add a cover photo to make it stand out in the group feed, and make it a living document by selecting “Allow group members to edit this document”. Workplace documents are great for collaborating on meeting agendas, compiling meeting notes, and developing project planning materials.

Use @mentions to gather feedback from specific members of your team. @mentions can also be used to assign tasks or to call attention to important content. When onboarding a new team member to a project, be sure to @mention them in a comment on important posts so they can catch up. Users that are @mentioned will receive a notification.

Share action items posts in your group to keep track of jobs to be done. @mention colleagues to assign items to them. They'll be able to tick off action items when they're completed, so all team members are up to date on their status.

Action items

Polls can help you make decisions faster as a team. Use them to gather feedback, create meeting agendas, and set meeting times. Team members can vote on items and even add their own.

Use polls to schedule meetings

To get feedback from other teams, create an open cross functional feedback group for your project. This will keep other members of your organization up-to-date on your work and progress, and provide you with more feedback and perspective.

Communicate in Workplace Chat5. Communicate in Workplace Chat

All project groups with 250 members or less have their own chat. Use chat for communication that would otherwise clutter your group page. Chats are best in situations when you need an answer fast, or when you're just communicating back and forth with your colleagues. Information can get buried in a chat after a few days, so make sure you post important content directly to your group page.

Download the Workplace and Workplace Chat apps if you haven't already, and make sure your team has downloaded them as well. The Workplace and Workplace Chat apps help you keep a pulse on your project no matter where you are.

Host meetings6. Host meetings

Use Workplace Events to organize project meetings. Workplace has voice and video calls available with every chat that has 50 members or less. Use them to hold meetings with people across timezones and locations. And if anyone can't make the meeting, broadcast it by going Live. The Live video will automatically post in your group so team members can watch it later.



  • A central place for all communication. Anyone new to the group can read through older posts to catch up.
  • Hold meetings anywhere, anytime. And go Live for your meetings so no one misses anything important.
  • Easily gather feedback from your team and other teams with open feedback groups.
  • Centralize all files, resources and project communications so nothing gets lost.
  • Stay connected to your team with chat, voice, and video calling.
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