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The New Workplace Experience

Resources to help you prepare for the new design

Resources to help you prepare for the new design

  • "The New Workplace Experience" live training - Watch the training recording to learn how the new experience improves the way your organization works.
  • Resources for Admins - announcement post template, admin training video, leadership two-pager, and Admin Guide to what's changed (two-pager and Admin Guide available in English, Spanish, French, & Portuguese).
  • Resources for Users - training video, quick start guide (available in English, Spanish, & Portuguese), and intro video.
  • Cover photo sizing guide - to help you size your group cover photos to the new recommended image size (2048x1032).
  • Help Center article - you'll find FAQs on the new Workplace experience here.

Why a new experience?

Why a new experience?

We launched Workplace to make work better for everyone by building connected communities. Over the last two years, we've connected thousands of work communities and millions of people with this aim in mind. We've also learned a lot about how people use Workplace. People love the familiarity that's inherent to Workplace. When you introduce it to anyone in your organization, they know how to use it, because it's just like Facebook. At the same time, they come to Workplace to do their work.

People want to reliably get the information they need, get their work done quickly without distractions, and easily find and collaborate with people. Based on this learning, we've redesigned the Workplace web experience. The new experience aligns more closely with how people want to use Workplace at work, while remaining intuitive and familiar. It makes it easier for people to connect, collaborate, and get work done.

How is the new experience better than before?

How is the new experience better than before?

We are making it easier to:

  • Reliably get the information you and your employees need: The new navigation makes it easy to switch between Workplace Groups, Notifications and Chat. The new notifications view helps you stay on top of your notifications by displaying them as an inbox, and enables you to filter them based on your preferences. You also have more granular controls over your notifications. Ultimately, it's now much faster to check and act on your notifications.
  • Get work done with fewer distractions: Groups are where people get work done. We've made them more prominent, making it easy to keep track of the groups you've joined, to re-order your shortcuts, and to navigate to the groups that are most important to you. You can also collapse both the navigation and the right-hand column to focus on the content you care about. And because it's faster, you'll spend less time waiting for a page to load.
  • Easily find and connect with people: The home page leverages the machine learning elements of the “work graph” to focus on the people and groups closest to you. For teams working together, you can switch between the “Posts” and “Chat” tabs easily to make sure everyone's on the same page. You can also use the redesigned files tab to organize your work on Workplace. This means fewer clicks to find someone, start a chat, or to connect your groups and chats.
What are the key changes my organization can expect

What are the key changes my organization can expect?

The new Workplace experience introduces:

  • A simplified, clutter-free navigation bar on the left side of the screen for key workflows: Groups & People, Notifications, and Chat.
  • Chat at the center of the action, integrated directly into Groups so you can easily switch between synchronous and asynchronous communication.
  • Notifications re-imagined as an inbox, so you can quickly review them all in one go. There's also a new notifications settings page so you can manage your notifications with more granularity.
  • A refreshed files tab in your Groups to more easily manage your folders and content.
  • Redesigned headers and a collapsible right hand column and left navigation bar.
  • [For Admins] The Admin Panel is now integrated directly into Workplace with a simpler navigation.
What are the timelines for the change?

What are the timelines for the change?

  • April 30th: All Premium Admins in existing Workplace communities will have access to the new design. We will also begin gradually rolling out to Standard users. Everyone with access will be able to switch between the old and new design.
  • When will Premium Users have access? All Premium users will transition to the new experience August 5th.
  • Schedule your launch: Admins can schedule the move to the new experience to take place before August 5th. To reschedule, go to The New Workplace section of the Admin Panel.
    Please note that there can only be one time as a default for the change. For example, if an Admin picks July 6, everyone in the organization will be moved to the new experience at the very beginning of July 6 (based on the admin's time zone).
The New Workplace Experience

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