What's New in Workplace?
March 2020

All the latest Workplace product announcements and feature releases.

In the spirit of spring, we’re launching some major enhancements to our product and product features this month. From keeping you informed on product updates, to improving accessibility for Live video streams, to helping you stay on top of your workload, March feature releases will help you get more out of Workplace.

What's New

What's New

Innovation is the name of the game at Workplace. To make sure you’re always in the loop about new features and product updates, we’re introducing the What’s New section of the Admin Panel.

The What’s New section is accessible to all default admin roles, along with custom admin roles containing the “See the What’s New admin page” permission.

Go to What’s New to discover new features that are coming soon, track their availability for your Workplace and share relevant updates within your community to drive adoption. You’ll see a list of updates that are either Upcoming or Available Now. Use the Share button to quickly distribute information on new features to the rest of your organization.

What's New Page with Upcoming and Available Now product updates

Never miss an update with What's New.

More powerful automatic video captioning

More powerful automatic video captioning

We’ve made two key enhancements to automatic video captioning to make accessing and sharing video content easier. You will now be able to generate closed captioning for Live videos directly after streaming has ended. In addition, you can now download transcripts of both uploaded and Live videos into a txt file for simpler sharing and editing.

Make videos more accessible with auto-captioning
Come back to it later with Reminders

Come back to it later with Reminders

When you’re in and out of meetings or traveling on the road it can be hard to read or respond to Workplace posts right when you see them. Reminders allow you to schedule notifications so you can come back to posts at a convenient time.

Reminders will now be available directly below any post. We are also introducing a new Reminders tab in the Notifications section, where you will be able to view and manage all your upcoming reminders. Reminders will be launched to everyone in the coming weeks.

Set reminder pop up with options "Monday at 9am", "In 1 hour" and "At a specific time".

Schedule notifications on posts.

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