What's New in Workplace?
February 2020

All the latest Workplace product announcements and feature releases.

With the new year well underway, we are all back to work and busier than ever. To help make that work a little more manageable, we are launching new features this month that help boost productivity and make everyone's teams and projects more visible than ever before. Find out more below!

Prioritize groups and notifications

Prioritize groups and notifications

We know some groups are more important than others. Whether it’s a project group, a 1:1 group with your manager, or your company announcements, you need to be sure that nothing falls through the cracks. Prioritized groups allows you to mark six of your most important groups as priority. When a group is prioritized, content from the group will appear first in News Feed and in your priority notifications.

The priority notifications section will include notifications for: tags, replies, mentions, posts from prioritized groups, Safety Check alerts and posts marked as important. All other notifications will appear in the section called “More”.

Prioritized groups and priority notifications are in the process of rolling out to all customers.

Prioritize Groups pop up that reads Prioritize the groups most important to you. See updates from the groups you choose to prioritize first in your Notifications and News Feed.

Mark your most important groups as priority groups.

Work Teams

Discover people's teams and projects with Work Teams

With collaboration on the rise, teams need a shared space where they can highlight what they’re working on, who they’re partnering with, where discussions are happening, and key resources.

Work Teams was originally released to some customers in July 2019. Based on customer feedback, we’ve added the following functionality.

  • A resources section for handy links.
  • The ability to promote members to be Points of Contact.
  • The inclusion of work teams in search results.
The new and improved Work Teams is now available to all!

Test events in Safety Check

Create test events in Safety Check

We have added the ability to create test Safety Check events so safety operators can trial Safety Check functionality without causing alarm. This new addition allows safety operators and Safety Check recipients to make a clear distinction between tests, drills and real crisis events.

To create a test Safety Check event, go to the Safety Check tab and click “+ Create Crisis Event”. From here, you will be able to choose if you’d like to run a test, drill or real crisis event. You can go to the Help Center to learn more about creating a Safety Check.

Create Crisis Event pop up screen with options for test, drill, and real crisis.

Make a clear distinction between tests, drills, and real crisis events with Safety Check.

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