What's New in Workplace?
April 2020

All the latest Workplace product announcements and feature releases.

Last month brought a lot of unexpected change as we all adjusted to the uncertainty of an ongoing pandemic and many of us began to work from home for the first time. As more companies turn to Workplace to get their work done, we are exploring ways we can make remote working better. Below are a few recent updates, with many more on the way next month.

Also, be sure to check out our Remote Working Resource Hub for tools, tips and advice on staying connected with your company.

Free COVID-19 bot by Huminos

Free COVID-19 Bot by Huminos

Workplace is offering a free bot to help customers share important COVID-19 updates and gather information from employees during this critical time.

The bot allows you to awareness of COVID-related news through Workplace Chat and groups, send health check surveys and measure understanding with quizzes to limit misinformation.

This bot is free for all Workplace customers. Go to the Integrations Directory to add the COVID-19 bot to Workplace. And watch the video below to learn how to use the COVID-19 bot to keep employees safe and informed.

Prioritized groups

Stay on top of important information with prioritized groups

We know some groups are more important than others. Whether it’s a project group, a 1:1 group with your manager, or your company announcements, you need to be sure that nothing falls through the cracks. Prioritized groups allows you to mark some of your most important groups as priority. When a group is prioritized, content from the group will appear first in News Feed.

Prioritized groups pop up that reads: "Prioritize the groups most important to you"

See your most important updates at the top of your News Feed.

Organize group feeds

Choose how to organize group feeds

We know that Workplace plays an important role in keeping your employees informed and connected during times of uncertainty. “Post Order” in Group Settings allows group admins to set the default ordering of posts in a group. Select “New activity” to order your feed by most recent reactions and comments or “Recent Posts” to order posts chronologically in the feed.. This flexibility to move to chronological order will help to ensure that employees are informed with the most up to date information in groups with key announcements.

Group settings page showing a drop-down menu allowing you to choose the default order of your group feed

Set your group feed order to "New Activity" or "Recent Posts"

Draft for

Streamline executive communication with Draft for

Draft For empowers executives and comms teams to create and publish richer executive communication together. Comms teams are now able to draft and format posts for time-poor executives, who can then swiftly review, approve and publish them.

In the Permissions Tab within the Admin Panel, System Admins and Content Moderators can assign individuals the permission to draft posts for certain executives. Once that permission has been granted, a designated drafter will be able draft and send a fully-formatted post to an executive, ready to be published.

Pop up for Draft for, with the option to choose who you are posting for.

Publish rich communication for time-poor executives with Draft for.

Do Not Disturb

Even less distractions with Do Not Disturb

We’ve made a small improvement to Do Not Disturb to help you avoid getting distracted by Workplace notifications when you want to focus. Now when you activate Do Not Disturb, a crescent will appear next to your name and the Chat and Notifications icons will be grayed out instead of red.

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