System Admin Guide

Learn tips and best practices to help you manage your Workplace.

Set Up & Security

If you're not an IT person, be sure to get IT involved early on. You're going to need their help when it comes to provisioning users, email and domain whitelisting, and email domain claiming. Be sure to check out the Technical Resources for more information about setting up Workplace for IT.

Domain Whitelisting:

Since Workplace is built on the same technology that powers Facebook, any domain restrictions your organization put in place to prevent network access to Facebook will also block access to Workplace. The Networking section of the Technical Resources walks you through the steps to unblocking domains, ports, and IP ranges.

Email Whitelisting:

Workplace will send emails to your users to invite them to claim their accounts and to notify them of posts made that mention them. Your email administrator must add as a safe sender to your email host, so that people can receive claim account emails and join Workplace. The Email Deliverability section of the Workplace Technical Resources outline the steps you need to take to ensure your staff can receive emails from Workplace.


Branding is an important element of setting up your space, and Workplace makes it easy. All you need to do is add your company name, logo, and terms of use.


Account Creation:

Scroll down to the Accounts and Profiles section of the Settings Page of the Admin Panel. This is where you'll be able to set rules around who can join your Workplace. To allow everyone in the company to create their own account, register your organization's email domain. If your domain was already claimed by a different person in your organization, be sure to contact Direct Support from the Admin Panel, they'll be able to help you get set up. You can also select “Who I choose to invite” if you want to roll out Workplace to a smaller group at your organization initially.

For more information on account creation, visit the Technical Resources.

User Authentication:

Select Authentication from the Security page of the Admin Panel. This is where you can decide how you want your users to log into Workplace. You can select password, Single Sign On, or both.

Visit the Authentication section of the Workplace Technical Resources for more information on authentication.

Connecting Integrations:

One of the core functions of a System Administrator is to set up and manage integrations with other systems. We know your organization might already have tools you use every day to get work done. Integrating these tools with Workplace is easy. Browse the Integrations Directory to find the tools you'd like to connect. Once you download a tool it will be accessible to all members of your organization.

File Sharing Integrations

File sharing integrations are a great place to start. They enrich the Workplace experience, making it easier to get work done from within Workplace. We currently integrate with Microsoft SharePoint and OneDrive, Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, and Quip. Setting up these integrations will enable everyone at your organization to share files on Workplace posts that have a rich preview, making it easy to see files without having to download them directly.


Technical Resources

Find all the information you need for a successful IT deployment of Workplace.

Launch Kit

Downloadable materials that help you educate and engage your organization on Workplace