1. Executive Engagement

Secure executive buy-in and involvement in your Workplace launch.



Executive engagement is the most critical factor in fully embedding Workplace in your organization. If leaders are not setting the tone and engaging in conversations, employees are less likely to fully embrace Workplace. The benefits of Workplace for leadership include increasing transparency and visibility as to what is happening within the organization, leading to faster decision making.


Strategy/ approach

Leaders are often wondering 'Do we have what it takes to innovate and stay ahead or still be relevant in the next 10 years?' Workplace helps with two key areas:

  • Adapting to the modern Workplace
  • Empowering organizations to work better together

Align your executives on why introducing Workplace supports the goals of your organization. Based on the goals, encourage them to model the behaviors you want to see on Workplace. For example, if leaders want to hear feedback from their frontline and customer facing employees, they should engage with those employees directly on Workplace with polls and Live Q&As.

Tactical how to

Tactical how to

Prepare a succinct business case for why you need Workplace now using this template for business case.

The main goal is to secure support from your executives to engage on Workplace. Here are some helpful dos and don'ts to get them started.

Help executives become familiar and comfortable with the platform by coaching them and providing support resources. Walking them through how to use Workplace and its key features is important. You want your executives to feel confident with the platform and ready to engage as soon as you launch, so they can lead from the front. Some Executives are more social than others so your coaching plan should be tailored to them but look to cover the below points:

  1. Walk through key Workplace features for executives such as going live and posting
  2. Have them download Workplace and Workplace Chat. They should then create their own "Executive Team" group and enocurage them to start posting in the group.
  3. Outline their role as leaders before launch, during launch week and beyond. Work with them to film a welcome to Workplace video, they should feel comfortable going live with employees, and they should encourage ideas from your community.
3 Key Takeaways for Executive Engagement with Workplace
Key takeaways

Key takeaways

  • Prepare a succinct business case for why you need Workplace now
  • Help executives become familiar and comfortable with the platform by coaching them and providing support resources
  • Give them simple steps to take and emphasize their impact on a successful launch

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