Wellness Campaigns

Encourage healthy habits and build community around wellness at work.

There’s a growing recognition that employee wellbeing is integral to business success, and it’s clear why companies are taking note. Employees who are healthy and engaged show higher rates of job satisfaction and productivity. But that doesn’t mean you need to build an on-site gym to encourage better health and stress management.

In fact, a recent study by Harvard suggests that traditional wellness programs often yield unimpressive results. That’s because wellness isn’t just about the physical health of your employees. It’s about organizational transparency, diversity and inclusion, professional development and promoting a healthy work-life balance. This campaign offers a holistic approach to employee wellbeing. Use it to engage your organization and build community around wellness at work.

Collect Employee Feedback & Share Insights and Actions

Honest and transparent communication is essential to building employee loyalty and driving engagement. Use Workplace’s Surveys feature to send regular micro-pulse surveys to your organization. Surveys allow you to gather data and gauge employee engagement year round. Share the survey results and your next steps to address employee feedback in your all-company group. By being transparent, you ensure employees know you’re not only listening but also acting on what you hear.

Use this customizable template to capture employee feedback and next steps in a visual format you can add as an image to your post.

Encourage Healthy Work Habits

Employee burnout impacts more than just engagement, it often results in low productivity, low retention and high costs for your business. More importantly, workplace stress can be damaging to employee mental and physical health, and it can spread within the office.

Show your employees you’re making employee wellness a priority with a #TipsToRecharge campaign. Share weekly tips on healthy work habits and how to recognize and address burnout. Here are some tips you can use:

  • Tip#1: Take your lunch outside
    Whenever possible, try going outside and get some sun during your lunch break. Breathing fresh air and leaving the office for a short while can help with clarity, and it just feels good!
  • Tip#2: Take regular breaks
    Many of us are focused on being as productive as possible during our working hours, so we tend to neglect breaks in favor of getting our work done. But taking regular breaks can actually increase productivity and creativity, as long as you do it thoughtfully. Try taking short breaks throughout the day to drink water, walk or eat healthy snacks.
  • Tip#3: Set boundaries around your working hours
    Use Workplace’s Do Not Disturb feature to silence notifications outside of your regular working hours. You can turn on Do Not Disturb for a specific number of hours, or set Do Not Disturb to turn on automatically on specific days and times.
  • Tip #4: Let coworkers know when you’re not available
    Use Workplace’s Status feature to let your colleagues know when you’re away. On desktop, just go to the smiley face icon in the bottom left corner of your screen. Then, choose an emoji and add some text to describe your status. Some ideas for status text are “On holiday!”, “Offline for the night”, or “On parental leave”.
  • Tip #5: Try getting regular exercise
    Regular exercise helps maintain mental fitness and reduce stress. When possible, take time out of your day to exercise, even just a 30 minute walk can go a long way!
    • Encourage employees to connect with one another over fitness goals by creating an open group called "Fitness at [Company Name]", and inviting people to share their goals, photos, and even to organize group workouts together.

Download customizable assets for each of these tips here.

Employee Development

Employee wellness isn’t just about physical and emotional health. Personal and professional development can contribute to higher engagement, higher employee satisfaction and lower burnout. Use Workplace to promote your existing learning & development (L&D) programs and develop new ways to share knowledge and highlight employee skill sets.

  • Go Live with a subject-matter expert to train dispersed, remote and frontline teams. Viewers can ask questions during the live stream using comments or through Live video polls. The video will automatically post to your group so anyone who isn’t able to view the video in real-time can catch up on it later.
    Add this customizable asset to a post to inform employees of the date, time, and subject matter of each of your upcoming trainings.

  • Share in-person and online training opportunities via Workplace. Create custom badges for employees who complete training programs, and encourage them to add new skills to their Workplace profiles.
  • Use Workplace’s Learning feature to offer quick, multimedia learning content employees can easily access from their desktop or mobile device.

Reduce Stigma and Foster an Open Work Culture

People rarely talk about their personal challenges in the workplace, but when leaders open up about their own experiences, they can help reduce stigma and create a more open and caring workplace culture.

Have a leader share a post or a video with the #OpenUp in your company social group where they discuss a challenge they’ve had to work through. Promote that leader’s posts in the News Feed to ensure employees see it. Encourage employees to share their own #OpenUp stories in the group, and offer support and encouragement via comments and reactions.

Add this customizable template image to your leader's #OpenUp post to make it visual and engaging.

Time Management Tips

When work gets hectic managing your workload can be tough. Share tips with your organization on how to stay on top of tasks to reduce stress and get more work done.

When it comes to Workplace, you have a variety of tools available to help you get organized and boost your productivity. Here are a few you can use in your campaign:

Download customizable assets for each of these tips here.

Foster a Culture of Recognition

Educate employees on Workplace’s Thanks feature and encourage them to use it to recognize colleagues who go above and beyond to help others. Share a post in your all-company group about the Thanks feature and use this customizable image to provide step-by-step instructions on how they can use it.

You can also create an open group called "Recognition at [Company Name]", where you regularly recognize employees for their achievements. Invite people to share nominations for recognition awards in the group as well.

Turn Down the Noise

Notifications are important, they keep you up to date on news from across your organization. But sometimes you need to turn down the noise. Workplace makes it easy to modify your preferences, filter and prioritize your notifications. Share these tips to make sure your employees know how:

  • Go to your notification settings to modify how you receive notifications (email, desktop, mobile) and what you receive notifications about (group activity, tags, comments, etc).
  • Go to your Groups page to manage notifications from groups quickly and in bulk.
  • Use your notification filters to narrow down your inbox.
  • Prioritize your most important groups to see them first in your News Feed.

Download customizable assets for each of these tips here.

Share Self-Care Strategies

Self-care practices are a great way to manage stress. Share a post in your group, outlining practices such as meditation, yoga, hiking, massages, and healthy eating. Then, invite employees to share their own methods of self-care. It’s a great way to get employees talking, and it can inspire more people to take up new habits that help alleviate their stress.

Based on some of the practices shared in your group, create open social groups that employees can use to communicate about their self-care practices. Social groups like “[Company Name] Runners Club” or “[Company Name] Meditation Circle” can help build a network of support and encourage stronger connections across your organization.

Download the asset above to share in a Workplace post and get employees on board.

Celebrate Cultural Moments

Celebrate your diverse company culture by observing important cultural events such as Pride, Black History Month, and International Women’s Day. When you honor important cultural moments, you show your employees you care about the diverse communities they belong to and that you’re investing in building an inclusive culture at work.

Cultural moments vary from one region to the next, so make sure you tailor your messaging and events to meet the unique needs of your workforce. Bring in local team members to help you identify cultural events to celebrate and have them lead on the ground events too.

Download customizable assets for cultural moments here.

Career Conversations

Employees care about professional development. Share a series of Live videos called Career Conversations where you interview a different person in the company with a unique career path. Encourage employees to ask questions by posting a poll before and during the Live event, and be sure they know they can interact with the speaker via comments and reactions.

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