The Launch Communication Plan

A template internal campaign you can use to promote the Workplace launch to your organization.

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What's in the plan?

Key communications

Delivered through email, intranet and Workplace to promote Workplace before, during and after your launch.


Downloadable assets like posters, post cards, desktop backgrounds, intranet banners and more.

Helpful resources

To help you get more value out of Workplace.

Launch stages


Ensure you have alignment from champions, people managers, and executives who are all critical to a successful launch. Announce that Workplace is coming and build up excitement for launch day.

During launch

The best way to get employees engaged is by making your launch day fun, but make sure you're also providing everyone with the instructions and support they need to activate their profile.


Don't lost momentum after launch day. You, your executive team, and your champions will need to share a regular stream of content to engage your organization and get more of your employees active & engaged.

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Download the Communication Plan and explore ready-to-use email messages, Workplace posts, downloadable assets and more.

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