Workplace Quick Start Pack

Deploy Workplace to your remote teams fast and learn how to use Workplace to amplify company comms and keep remote teams connected.

Time 18 min |Published 24th Mar 2020

Workplace Quick Start PackWorkplace Quick Start Pack

Workplace for Teams

Workplace makes it easy for dispersed and remote teams to not only stay productive, but to stay connected. This guide will walk you through using Workplace to enable teams to work better together, no matter where they are.

You'll learn how to:

  • Manage teams and projects in groups
  • Share, collaborate on and find files
  • Communicate in chat using text, voice and video calls
  • Use Live video to broadcast team meetings
  • Manage relationships with managers/direct reports in one-on-one groups

Manage teams and projects in groups

Create a closed group and invite your team members. Team and project groups are typically kept closed so only relevant people can see posts and contribute. If you're working with people outside of your organization, create a multi-company group.

You’ll be using this group to communicate with your team via posts. Use posts to share important information you know your team will need to refer to later. They’re also a great way to keep discussions centralized in comments.

Pin a post to the top of the group page with important team resources like team agreements, project timelines and overview docs.

Pinned post in a project group

Share and collaborate on files

Workplace makes it easy to share, collaborate and locate files. Share a file in your group by adding it to a post. Your coworkers will be able to place notes directly on the file with annotations, and all annotations will be easy to track as comments on the post.

Have other tools your organization uses to store or collaborate on files? Use content sharing integrations to share files from the tools your organization uses every day. See all available integrations in the Integrations Directory.

All files that have been shared in your group are easy to find again in the Files tab, so nothing gets lost.

Files in the shared tab

Post weekly updates

Share weekly updates with your team in a group post. Weekly updates increase the visibility of everyone's work and keep everyone informed on people's progress, priorities, and any obstacles they’re facing. If you need input or support from a team member, @mention them in the post or in a comment. They’ll receive a notification directing them to your request.

Communicate in Chat

Use Workplace Chat to communicate with your team. Workplace Chat is best used when you need an answer fast, or for any other communication that would otherwise clutter your group page. Be sure to use posts when you want to keep discussions organized, and when you want content to be easily discoverable later.

Go to the Chat tab from your team group to share updates, files, images, even gifs and emojis with your colleagues.

Chat thread

You can also use Workplace Chat for voice and video calls. Video calls make it easy to hold meetings across locations and to stay connected to your team no matter where you are. Screen sharing is available in one-on-one calls so you can collaborate with your colleagues in real-time.

Group video call

Workplace App:

Workplace Chat App:

Broadcast team meetings with Live

Use Live to record and broadcast meetings and presentations to your team or to the whole organization. The Live video will automatically post to the group, so anyone who couldn’t make the meeting in person can catch up later.

Communicate with managers/direct reports in 1:1 groups

Create a secret one-on-one group with your manager or with your direct reports if you have any. These groups can be used to share updates and private feedback. They are also a great way to onboard new employees and discuss performance evaluations.

Share your work in functional feedback and announcement groups

Increase the visibility of your team's work by creating functional feedback and announcement groups like "Marketing Announcements" and "Campaign Feedback". Invite cross-functional colleagues and use the group to provide regular updates on projects and to gain valuable feedback from across the organization.

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