Workplace Quick Start Pack

Deploy Workplace to your remote teams fast and learn how to use Workplace to amplify company comms and keep remote teams connected.

Time 18 min |Published 24th Mar 2020

Workplace Quick Start PackWorkplace Quick Start Pack


Before the outbreak of COVID-19, 52% of global workers were working from home at least once a week. Today, even more people are encouraged or mandated to work from home, some for the very first time. They need better tools to stay connected and they need them as soon as possible. Don’t worry, we have you covered.

This Quick Start Pack was designed to help you get you up and running in Workplace fast. You’ll find:

  • A quick launch guide with technical setup instructions and a templatized launch communication plan
  • An overview of Workplace features that enable better company-wide communication
  • A guide to managing teams and projects in Workplace

Training & self-paced courses

Visit the Workplace Academy to access self-paced courses and live interactive training. In our live training, you'll be able to ask questions and get direct support from Workplace specialists about everything from launching Workplace to building out your communication strategy. Our self-paced starter packs were designed to equip you and your employees with all the skills needed to work effectively in Workplace.

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