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Deploy Workplace to your remote teams fast and learn how to use Workplace to amplify company comms and keep remote teams connected.

Time 18 min |Published 24th Mar 2020

Workplace Quick Start PackWorkplace Quick Start Pack

Workplace for Company Comms

Workplace is a powerful tool for communicating important information across the company fast. But it doesn’t just enable you to share top-down communication effectively, it also helps unblock the free flow of information from the frontline to the main office. This is incredibly important during times of crisis, when you need to ensure the safety of your employees and the continued productivity of your business.

This guide will walk you through best practices for using Workplace for internal communication. You’ll learn how to:

  • Share company announcements in official groups
  • Signpost important information using pinned posts and mark as important
  • Increase executive visibility and engage your employees with Live Video
  • Give everyone in your company a voice with Q&A polls
  • Build a connected culture with social groups and employee resource groups
  • Recognize employees with Badges and Thanks

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Company news groups

Create open company-wide and regional announcement groups like “[Company Name] Announcements” and “[Office Location] FYI”. You will be using these groups to share information across the company.

  • Mark the groups as official so employees can quickly recognize that they are official channels
  • Make your company-wide group a default group so all employees are added automatically
  • Use People Sets to assign members to regional groups based on location
  • Set posting permissions to admin only or to posts require admin approval, to ensure that the group is only used to communicate important company information

Use Workplace’s multimedia functionality to create engaging content that your employees will want to keep up with. Share videos, files, images, even gifs and emojis with your organization.

Videos are particularly effective in engaging your employees, and with Workplace, all you need is your mobile phone or computer to create and share videos across the entire company. Use automatic captioning on pre-recorded videos to ensure that your videos are accessible and easy to consume.

Video post in an announcement group

Signpost important information

Make sure that your employees are seeing important information by sharing it in a post and pinning it to the top of the group. It’s a great way to share links to important resources that employees will need to refer to regularly.

Video post in an announcement group

Mark announcement posts as important to be sure that they are front and center for all employees. When you mark a group post as important that post will appear at the top of the News Feed for all group members for a selected amount of time or until it has been marked as read. You will also be able to select if you’d like email notifications to be sent out to group members. Admins will be able to track the performance of important posts from the Admin Panel. Learn how in the Workplace Help Center.

Marking a post as important

Note: Important posts can only be managed by system admins, content moderators and custom admin roles with permissions to mark posts as important.

Go Live to reach your whole company

With Live Video, you can get instance access to your entire company with real-time feedback in the form of comments and reactions. Live video is immediate, direct and personal, making your company communications more transparent and engaging than ever before. And the best part is, it’s simple. You can share Live video across your whole company using your mobile phone, computer, or professional camera via our API.

Live Q&As with executives are a great way to increase the visibility of your executive team and to hear from your whole organization. Here’s how to do it in Workplace:

  1. Announce the Live Q&A date in a post in your all-company announcement group and in regional announcement groups.
  2. Mark the post in the all-company announcement group as important so it appears at the top of everyone’s News Feeds.
  3. Use other communication channels like email to promote the upcoming Q&A. Be sure to make clear that the Q&A will only be available to view on Workplace.
  4. Create a poll in your all-company announcement group, inviting employees to vote on questions and to add in their own.
  5. Go Live in your all-company announcement group for the Q&A. Invite employees to share questions and thoughts in the form of comments and reactions.
  6. When you’re done recording, the Live Video will automatically post to your group so anyone who misses the broadcast can catch up later.

Video post in an announcement group

Live isn’t just for Q&As. Use Live video to share important announcements across the company or to train dispersed, remote and frontline teams. Learn more about using Workplace video features in the Customer Resource Center.

Amplify culture with social groups and recognition

Affinity and employee resource groups are a great way to build community at work and to bring dispersed, remote and frontline employees closer together.

  • Create open employee resource groups like “Black at [Company Name]”, “LGBTQ at [Company Name]” and “Pacific Islander at [Company Name]”
    • Set posting permissions to anyone can post
    • Assign several admins to manage each group
    • Work with members of employee resource groups to plan events that honor and celebrate cultural moments like Pride, Black History Month, and International Women’s Day
  • Create open affinity groups like “[Company Name] Cyclists”, “[Company Name] Book Club” and “[Company Name] Travel Buffs”
    • Set posting permissions to anyone can post
    • Assign admins to manage each group
    • Encourage employees to create their own groups based on their interests

Build a culture of care through recognition. Use automatic, admin-awarded and custom Badges to recognize employees for their roles and achievements. And enable peer-to-peer recognition with the Workplace Thanks feature to build positive reinforcement among coworkers and to help managers identify high performance.

Learn more about recognition in Workplace in the Customer Resource Center

Video post in an announcement group

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