New tools to bring the power of community to everyone at work

At Workplace Transform North America, we're announcing some new and updated features. Discover how we’re building a future of work that works for everyone.


As the world begins to move on from the pandemic, there’s an enormous opportunity to build a new future of work.

But doing so means doing more than providing better technology for the people who’ve always had it. It will mean providing technology to the many millions of workers left behind by traditional IT. It will mean connecting the unconnected - especially frontline, deskless and email-less employees - to their colleagues and leaders for the first time.

Untangle work with Workplace

From informing everyone about the return to the office to adopting a hybrid way of working, Workplace makes work more simple.

Announcing new product features at Transform North America

Announcing new product features at Transform North America

There’s a long way to go on that journey. But as we continue to build tools that help employees make those connections, we’re one step closer to bringing the power of community to everyone at work. And at Workplace Transform North America, we announced some of the new features that will help us get there.

Missed the updates? Workplace Transform may be over for another year but that doesn’t mean you can’t relive the experience. Access the full event on-demand now right here or check out the new features in the video below.

Updates to Live video

Updates to Live video

A fine-tuned Q&A experience

Connect leaders and employees in meaningful two-way conversations when you go Live, through a highly engaging Q&A experience.

New comments and question filters make sure your hosts don’t miss any questions and everyone can follow the conversation. Net result? All your employees feel seen and heard.

New Q&A experience helps people feel seen and heard


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Video chapters

Not everyone can tune in for the Q&A, and others will no doubt want to watch again. We’re introducing machine learning technology to automatically add Video Chapters to your Live and pre-recorded videos.

This helps people signpost video content when they share it and enables viewers to jump to the sections of the video they’re most interested in.

Video chapters make it easy for people to find and share relevant content
Richer content creation and control in Knowledge Library

Richer content creation and control in Knowledge Library

Cover pages

Knowledge Library is the place where anybody can find and share important company information. The addition of new Cover Pages for Categories makes your content look better than ever so people find it more engaging.

Cover pages make your essential content even more engaging


We’re making it easier for more people to access and engage with your official company information. By enabling admins to attach language translations to categories, employees will now automatically see Knowledge Library content in their preferred language.

Translations in Knowledge Library make information more accessible for more people

Safety Center upgrades

We’re helping you keep your community safe at all times with some updates to Safety Center. You can now use pre-filled message templates to move fast during an incident.

You can also duplicate a prior incident to send the same message if there’s a ‘next time.’ And admins will be able to track message responses via mobile. Learn how right here.

Safety Center updates help you move faster during an incident

Building community with Pronouns

Express your identity at work, and help others know how to refer to you by displaying your pronouns. Companies can live their values by creating more inclusive cultures.

Create a more inclusive culture with Pronouns in Workplace
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Don't forget, you can watch the product announcement - or the full Transform North America event - on-demand right here. And if you want to know more about recent product updates, just head to the Customer Resource Center.

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Discover the latest customer and partner updates in the Workplace Newsroom.

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