Sync and async communication on Workplace

Whether you’re working offline or in real time, the combined power of Workplace Groups and Chat makes it easy for teams to collaborate.

Better collaboration with Workplace Groups and Chat

Chat threads get noisy. Email threads get too big. And when that happens, it can be hard for people to collaborate. Workplace combines Groups and Chat, so your conversations and your projects keep moving.

Need to post an update? Share it in a Workplace Group

Say goodbye to email threads. Groups are a better way to share and store project documents. They’re also the best place to have in-depth discussions that don’t need an immediate resolution. Create separate Groups for every project, invite the right people, and start posting updates, files, photos, and videos.

Need to ask a question? Do it in a Workplace Chat

Workplace Chat is ideal for quick conversations with your project team or when you need an answer fast. Talk face-to-face with video calls, send, save and set reminders for instant messages, run polls or just reply with a GIF. It’s the perfect way to stay in touch when you’re working remotely or on-the-go.

Need to get it done? Use Workplace Groups and Chat together

Combining the two gives people collaboration superpowers. Teams get an organized, asynchronous workflow in their Groups, with a central location for project documents. And they get to work together in Workplace Chat for real-time responses. Best of all, when you create a Group with less than 250 people, it will automatically create a matching Chat thread.

  • Chevron is making communication less siloed

    "Workplace gives each employee a voice to the very center of the corporation and to other business units as well."

    Rachel Setton, Manager, Employee Engagement and Communications, Chevron

  • AstraZeneca's leadership is more visible than ever

    "Our executives are much more effective in their communications because they’re much more visible on Workplace."

    Roeland van der Heiden, Digital Director, Global Corporate Affairs, AstraZeneca

  • Mercado Libre employees send fewer emails

    "Workplace has played a vital role in engaging disenfranchised staff who previously felt that their opinion wasn’t valued."

    Sebastián Fernández Silva, VP Human Resources, Mercado Libre

  • Healthe Care Australia is building a more open culture

    "Our executives are much more effective in their communications because they’re much more visible on Workplace."

    Jennifer McNamara, Director of Clinical Services, Healthe Care Australia

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