Bring your hybrid teams together

Join Workplace and use features like Live video, Knowledge Library, Groups and Insights to help create high-performing hybrid teams.

One app. Multiple solutions

Workplace is a communication tool that connects everyone in your company, whether they’re working at home, in the office or on the frontline. It includes solutions for information sharing, community building and teamwork, while also integrating with the business tools you already use. The end result? A simple, secure and productive way for organizations to communicate efficiently, strengthen culture and promote wellbeing.

Forward-thinking companies are already using Workplace to connect their teams

Nestlé uses Workplace from Meta
Petrobras uses Workplace from Meta
AstraZeneca uses Workplace from Meta
Telefonica uses Workplace from Meta
StanleyBlackDecker uses Workplace from Meta
Estée Lauder uses Workplace from Meta
NAB uses Workplace from Meta
Petco uses Workplace from Meta
MercadoLibre uses Workplace from Meta
Virgin Atlantic uses Workplace from Meta
Lixil uses Workplace from Meta
MoneyPenny uses Workplace from Meta

Reach everyone with important updates

Live video is an easy-to-use broadcasting solution for engaging hybrid teams. It includes features like live Q&A and automatic captions, and allows presenters to see real-time comments or questions without having to switch viewing modes. You can even co-present with multiple hosts in different locations, and see simple stats after your broadcast to get a sense of how it went.

A smarter way to share and store information

Knowledge Library is a place to store, share and discover static content on Workplace, like company benefits or health and wellbeing policies. Organizations love it because creating content is simple, it’s customizable, easily searchable and great to use on mobile, which makes it perfect for sharing information quickly with hybrid teams.

Communicate and collaborate with the right people

Whether you’re looking to communicate with the right people, collaborate on projects, connect with partners or build company culture, everything on Workplace starts with a Group. Make announcements, share files and start conversations in a secure, shared space that’s easy to access wherever you’re working.

Measure the impact

Understand Workplace activity like engagement and sentiment using the Insights tool, or track the performance of multiple posts on a single theme with the Campaigns feature. Use the data to improve how you communicate with your hybrid teams, or double-down on what’s working.