Add and verify an email domain on Workplace

This article is only applicable to admins with relevant permissions.
When you add an email domain to your allow list on Workplace, it means people with email addresses from that domain can join your Workplace.
If you then verify this email domain:
Add an email domain on Workplace
  1. Click Admin Panel Admin Panel in the left menu on Workplace.
  2. Click Settings Settings.
  3. Click the Email Domains tab.
  4. Click Add domain in the top right.
  5. Review the information, then click OK.
  6. Enter the domain name, then click Add domain.
If you get an error saying your domain is already taken, this could mean the domain is already being used by another organization or you’re trying to add a public domain. If you believe this is a mistake and can prove ownership of the domain, contact support.
Verify an email domain on Workplace
  1. Click Verify to the right of the domain you’ve added.
  2. Select your verification method. You can choose from:
    • Email verification (Immediate): You can verify the domain with a verification code that we’ll send by email.
    • HTML file upload (Immediate): You can upload an HTML verification file to your site to prove you own the domain.
    • DNS TXT record (up to 72 hours): You may be able to add a TXT record to your domain host to prove you own the domain. Most domain hosts allow this, but the specific steps for each service will vary. If you need any help, contact your domain host’s support team or check their documentation.
If you need more support, you can view our technical resources or contact support.
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