Enable reauthentication on Workplace

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Workplace admins can require applicable users be prompted to provide either a facial scan or fingerprint to re-enter the application and define the duration of idle time allowed before this prompt.
Enable reauthentication
  1. From your News Feed, click Admin Panel in the left menu.
  2. Click Security.
  3. Click More, then select Mobile Security. If this is not visible, click Settings and enable the Mobile Security option and click Save.
  4. Click Edit, then click People Sets from the dropdown menu.
  5. Check Require Reauthentication.
  6. Under Mobile App Version Requirements click Block access or Allow access.
  7. Click Activate/Update Setup.
Once reauthentication is required, users within the audience scope will be prompted to set up a facial scan or fingerprint to complete the sign in to your Workplace.

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