Workplace Insights Overview

This article is only applicable to admins of Workplace Advanced and Workplace Enterprise.
Insights is a section of the Admin Panel that provides tools to track and measure your organization's Workplace usage. Insights can be used to follow employee signups, trends within groups and post-level activity.
Insights is made up of five different tabs:
  • People Track how active your organization is on Workplace, throughout from launch to onboarding and monthly activity.
  • Content This allows you to see how much content your organization is creating and how many people are actively contributing.
  • Groups Track group creation and activity, across Workplace and in your most active groups.
  • Posts From this tab you can measure likes, comments, and views of a post to track the impact of communications with advanced post-level performance data.
  • Connections Identify where collaboration is happening on Workplace, based on interactions between people.
Only admins of Workplace can view and use Insights. People with custom admin roles can also view Insights. Learn more about creating custom admin roles.
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