Workplace security center: explained

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The Security section of your Admin Panel gathers all the information available on your Workplace's security into one place, making it easier to access and monitor.
Your security center is organised into key security and authentication settings, a security dashboard and your security logs. It can only be accessed when logged in from a computer.


The Settings button at the top of the security center is where you will go to enable video download, two-factor authentication and certification features.
  • Require Two-Factor Authentication - Turning this toggle on will add a Two-factor tab to your security center. From that tab, you can choose to require two-factor authentication for all accounts, admins, or those that belong to specific People Sets. Find out more about two-factor authentication.
  • Video Download Settings - Turning this toggle on will add a Video download settings tab to your security center. From that tab, you can turn off video downloads on your Workplace and ensure that those who are not using supported browsers are not able to access video content at the highest quality. Find out more about video download settings.
  • Certifications - Turning this toggle on will add a Certifications tab to your security center. From this tab, you can download the latest third-party reports on Workplace data security. Find out more about certifications.


The security dashboard gives you an overview of two-factor authentication adoption, login failures and other security events. You can also see how many of your Workplace accounts we believe to be at risk of being compromised, and an overall health rating for your Workplace's security.


The log tab enables you to view all login, password, admin, file and integration activity from the past 90 days. You can download the logs or browse them in Workplace.
Find out which events are recorded and how they appear in your security logs.


The authentication tab is where you can find settings related to single sign-on (SSO) and your SSO provider. You can also allow your community to sign in to third-party applications using their Workplace login.
Find out more about single sign-on on Workplace.

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