What is Workplace on Portal and how do I use it?

Workplace can be used on Portal to call coworkers and receive screen shares during a call. Workplace calls utilize Smart Camera and Smart Sound, and allow you to call anyone within your Workplace instance or in a connected multi-company group.
All video calls made from Workplace on Portal are encrypted, and only one Workplace account can be linked to Portal at a time.
Installing Workplace on Portal
To install and set up Workplace on Portal:
  1. From Home on your Portal, tap Apps.
  2. Scroll to Workplace and tap Get. To access Workplace on Portal, your software needs to be on version 1.1.2 or later. If you can’t find Workplace in Apps, please update your software.
  3. When the Workplace app has installed, tap Open.
  4. Go to workplace.com/device in a browser and enter the Portal on-screen code.
  5. Set a four-digit PIN. You'll need to enter your PIN before you answer calls.
  6. Tap Allow to grant access to your mic and camera, then tap Get Started.
Note: You require a Facebook/WhatsApp login when you set up Portal the first time. However once the Workplace on Portal app is set up, your professional contacts and personal contacts are kept entirely separated. We are working on enabling login to Portal with Workplace.
Using Workplace on Portal
To start a Workplace one-on-one call on Portal:
  1. From Workplace, find the coworker you want to call.
  2. Tap Video camera. next to their name.
To start a Workplace group call on Portal:
  1. From Workplace, find the coworker you want to call and tap Video camera. next to their name.
  2. When you're on the call, tap to add more coworkers to the call.
Share your screen
You can share your screen when on a Workplace call. Your coworker will be able to see your screen share on their Portals.
To share a screen with Workplace on Portal:
  1. While in a video call click .
  2. Select which screen option you want to share:
    • Your Entire Screen: This may share any window that's open on your computer, including your desktop.
    • Application Window: This will only share the specific window that you select.
    • Chrome Tab: This will only share the specific Chrome tab you select.
  3. Once you have made a selection, click Share.
Change your Workplace PIN
To change your Workplace PIN:
  1. From Workplace, tap in the top right of your Portal screen.
  2. Tap Change Passcode.
  3. Enter your previous four-digit PIN.
  4. Set a new four-digit PIN.
Silent Mode
You can disable ringtone for incoming Workplace calls during personal time and your focus time by activating Silent Mode.
To activate Silent Mode:
  1. From Workplace on Portal app, go to Settings by tapping .
  2. Tap enable/disable silencing incoming Workplace calls next to Silent Mode.
For more information on Portal, visit the Portal Help Center.
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