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Setting up the Workplace and Microsoft Teams integration requires action from an admin for your Workplace and for your Microsoft Teams organizational account. This might be the same person, or it might be different people.
When you integrate Workplace with Microsoft Teams, you and your coworkers can view and react to Workplace posts within Microsoft Teams.
All Microsoft Teams users will need to authenticate Workplace and be logged in before seeing any Workplace content on Microsoft Teams. People will only be able to see Workplace content on Microsoft Teams that they have access to across Workplace.
There are three key steps to set up this integration:
  1. Enable the Microsoft Teams integration on Workplace.
  2. Add the Workplace app to Microsoft Teams.
  3. Choose how you want to see Workplace content in Microsoft Teams.
1. Enable the Microsoft Teams integration on Workplace
Enable the Microsoft Teams integration on Workplace before doing anything on Microsoft Teams.
You must be a system admin for your Workplace to enable a third-party integration.
To enable the Microsoft Teams integration:
  1. Click Admin Panel Admin Panel in the left menu on Workplace.
  2. Click Integrations Integrations.
  3. Click Microsoft Teams in the Integrations you can add box.
  4. Review the information, then click Add to Workplace in the bottom left.
2. Add the Workplace integration to Microsoft Teams
Before installing Workplace on Microsoft Teams, check the following:
  • The Microsoft Teams integration has been enabled on Workplace (refer to above section).
  • You are an admin for your organization’s Microsoft Teams account.
  • Your organization has enabled third party apps in Microsoft Teams, so you can find and install the Workplace app in Teams.
To add Workplace on Microsoft Teams:
  1. Click Apps in the bottom left of Microsoft Teams.
  2. Search for Workplace in the search bar.
  3. Click on the Workplace app when it appears.
  4. Review the information and click Add.
When you add the Workplace app on Microsoft Teams, it will have permission to:
  • Receive messages and data that you provide to it.
  • Access your profile information such as your name, email address, company name, and preferred language.
  • Receive messages and data that team members provide to it in a channel.
  • Access teams’ information such as team ID and channel ID – and use this to contact them.
3. Choose how you want to see Workplace content in Teams
You will need to authenticate and log into Workplace to see any Workplace content in Microsoft Teams. You will also only see Workplace content that you have access to within Workplace. This applies to everyone.
There are two ways of seeing Workplace content in Microsoft Teams.
  • Microsoft Teams admins can pin the Workplace app to the left menu in Microsoft Teams by default for all users in their organization. Alternatively, any user can do this for their own personal view.
  • When users click on the app, they will see all posts that have been marked as key updates, and a limited view of their Workplace News Feed. They will be able to view Workplace posts in full, react to them, and see comments on them.
The other option to see Workplace content in Microsoft Teams is by adding a Workplace tab into a Microsoft Teams channel:
  • Any Microsoft Teams channel member can add a Workplace tab to the channel.
  • With a Workplace tab, channel members can add a feed to a Workplace group they are a member of. This is only available for open or closed groups.
  • Whenever someone posts in the group on Workplace, it will be automatically posted to the Workplace tab on Microsoft Teams.
  • The Workplace tab will show up to the 10 most recent posts from the previous 7 days.
  • Once the Workplace tab has been added, all members of the Microsoft Teams channel will see it. However, Workplace content will only be seen by authenticated Workplace users who are logged in and a member of the Workplace group.
  • People can read posts, react to them and comment on them in the Microsoft Teams channel.
  • More than one Workplace tab can be created in a Microsoft Teams channel to see updates from more than one Workplace group. The number of tabs in any Microsoft Teams channel must be within the limit.
Note: You will need to proactively check for Workplace updates in Microsoft Teams as you will not receive a notification.
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