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Users can choose to turn notifications for Knowledge Library on or off completely, or they can select categories and subcategories that they want to receive notifications for.
Turn Knowledge Library notifications on or off
  1. Click your profile thumbnail on the bottom left panel and select Settings.
  2. Click Notifications and go to Knowledge Library.
  3. Click next to Email or Notifications on Workplace to turn notifications on or off.
Note: When you turn notifications on or off using this toggle, it will be the default setting for all Knowledge Library categories and subcategories.
Manage notifications for categories or subcategories
  1. From your Workplace homepage, click Knowledge library. You can also access Knowledge Library here.
  2. Go to the category or subcategory you want to receive notifications for.
  3. Click Notifications on the top right.
  4. Choose All updates to be notified about comments and changes to the content.
  5. Choose Off to unsubscribe from all notifications.
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