What is Learning on Workplace and how do I use it?

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Learning is a feature in Workplace that lets you collect related educational posts inside of a group and put them into a guide. These units are different topics you create in Learning that can be made for gathering posts like training material, educational information, and development resources.
To find Learning go to your group and click More. Only the Group Admin can create and edit Learning guides.
Create a Learning guide
  1. From your Feed, click on your group in the left panel. You may need to click See All below Groups section first.
  2. Click More, then click Learning.
  3. Click Create a Guide and add a title and an optional description.
  4. Click Save.
Manage Learning guides
To add an existing post to a Learning guide:
  1. Find the post you want to add and click More.
  2. Click Add post to guide and select to which guide you want to add the post.
  3. Add a title to the post, and click Save.
To delete a post from a Learning guide:
  1. From your group, click More, then click Learning, and select the guide from which you want to delete a post.
  2. Click More in the top right of the post, then click Remove post.
  3. Select Remove From Guide or Remove From Group.
To delete a Learning guide:
  1. Go to the group from which you want to delete a guide and click More, then click Learning.
  2. Click More next to the guide's name, then click Remove guide.
  3. Click Remove guide to confirm.
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