Mark a post as a key update on Workplace

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System admins and admins with custom permissions can mark posts as key updates to appear at the top of all users’ Workplace Feeds for up to 7 days. Admins of official groups can also mark posts in their groups as key updates.
Mark a key update
  1. Select a post from a group or from your timeline.
  2. Click and select Mark as key update.
  3. Click next to Show in key updates to allow users to access the post from the key updates section at the top of their Feed.
  4. Click next to Show preview and notify on mobile to send notifications to relevant members.
  5. You can select the date of when your preview expires. Previews for key updates can appear for up to 7 days.
  6. Click next to Send email to notify all relevant group members with a link to the key update.
  7. Go to Advanced settings to turn on Add ‘Mark as read’ button so that your audience can confirm that they’ve read your post.
  8. When you’re done, click Confirm.
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